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Hopefully Successful 2024 RP


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Quite a few 2024 RPs have been tried on this forum since the last election,including my own failed attempt.With just recently resigning as GM of AMPU playtest i decided to dedicate my time and energy to try running the first successful 2024 RP

The rules are clear and familliar to anybody who already participated in forum RPs

-One term will represent one RP week

-The RP will begin with candidates announcements.

-First RP week will be September 1st-September 8th 2023

-Your candidates gets 3 events and 1 endorsement request per turn.

-Dice Gods will decide your candidates fate

-You can choose one candidate from each party,total of 2 candidates




Former President Donald Trump @Rodja

FL Governor Ron DeSantis 

TX Senator Ted Cruz @Blockmon

Former VP Mike Pence 

Former SoS Mike Pompeo

Former MA Gov.Charlie Baker 

Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene

FL Senator Marco Rubio

VA Governor Glenn Youngkin

TX Governor Gregg Abott

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley 

Former NJ Governor Chris Christie @HiyarAgasi

Mr.Mike Lindell

Mr.Vivek Ramaswamy @The Blood

SC Senator Tim Scott

GA Governor Brian Kemp @Fbarbarossa


President Joe Biden

VP Kamala Harris 

Sec.of Transportation Pete Buttigieg  @The Blood

VT Senator Bernie Sanders @Rodja

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Rep.Alexandria Occasio Cortez @Blockmon

NJ Senator Cory Booker 

KY Governoror Andy Beshear @Fbarbarossa

Mrs.Marianne Williamson

Mrs.Stacey Abrams

MA Senator Elizabeth Warren

Rep.Ayanna Pressley

Former First Lady and SoS Hillary Clinton @HiyarAgasi

Former First Lady Michelle Obama

MI  Governor Gretchen Whitmer 

Rep.Ro Khanna

CO Governor Jared Polis 


Fmr.Rep.Tulsi Gabbard 

Fmr.Rep.Liz Cheney 

Kanye "Ye" West as a Republican  @Imperator Taco Cat

Mr.Howard Stern 

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as a Democrat @Imperator Taco Cat



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Sorry for not accurately mimicking the rocks speaking style, I will try to do better later.


“This idea and this notion that you could be anything you want you can accomplish anything you want right, the American dream we hear that you’ve heard that from the time you were little boys. You hear that now; you’re already incredibly accomplished, you guys know that. The thing that has worked for me is to remember, the hard times, like the great recession, we got outta that with welfare, and we’re gonna get out of these hard times with welfare.”

- excerpt from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's latest speech, announcing his run for president.

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14 minutes ago, Fbarbarossa said:

I don't know, part of me wants to play Beshear or Tom Wolf, but another part of me wants to play a progressive

Well,neither is potential so go with one of progressives and who you want on Republican side.

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@Fbarbarossa @Imperator Taco Cat @mark2 @HiyarAgasi @The Blood

Since interest is currently not as high as I expected I'll join myself as Bernie Sanders for Democrats and the Former Guy for Republicans.If we have a sudden surge in interest I'll drop mu candidates in favor of other players interested in them.

I would be especially happy to do that for my GOP choice xD

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