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AMPU Name Generated names (3/25/23)

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Who would you draft, if you were drafting based off names alone:

  1. Willis Glasscock
  2. Donald Disney
  3. Luna Glitterwinter
  4. Endicott La Follette
  5. Adoniram Roudebush
  6. Cora Moi
  7. Deb Mohammad
  8. Sojourner McCool
  9. Ma Proctor
  10. Sarah Bigot
  11. Golda Quisling
  12. Sharon Nubfingers
  13. Jefferson Sotomayor
  14. Jay Rumguzzler
  15. Charles Flamingo
  16. Castrato Rolph
  17. Marie Antoinette Gonzalez
  18. Godsend Sanches
  19. Ilhan Crittenden
  20. Taz Goldwater
  21. Dangerouse Carlin
  22. Fatima Beavers
  23. Dante Bonaparte
  24. Gummy Baesler
  25. Cher Bliss
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Also if you're looking to add any more 'wacky' names to the generator that are actually real names, after moving to a new department someone's on the mass calls with the last name "Livingood" and I'm glad I'm on mute cause I almost snickered when I saw it.

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