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Good Steam Game for Multi-tasking


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I've been playing Uncharted Waters Origin on Steam. A trading game set in Age of Discovery. I was a huge fan of the original Nintendo Uncharted Waters and SNES Uncharted Water 2, the latter which is the framework for this game. 

It's one of those game where people can pay real money for advantages, but you don't have to pay a cent to play any aspect of the game. I've already got about 100 hours into it. 

Anyway, so much of the game is just automatic sailing, say from Lisbon, Portugal to Odessa. And so I can easily work on stuff, and just tab back over to the game every 10 min and make another decision. Highly recommend it. 

I'm playing as a trader from Portugal, mainly because the main character in the original game was Portuguese. I probably should have picked an Englishman, genetically-speaking to better represent my heritage. The options are Portugal, England, Spain, Netherlands, and Ottomans.

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