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I'm going to use that amazing free simulator. I've decided to select the basketball game because it has the historical teams, seasons, players built into the system. The football simulator hasn't this ability at the moment.

We will start with the first post-merger season: 1976-1977.

Here are the teams you may select from (first come first serve). Teams with their highest rated player in parentheses:

  • Boston (Jo Jo White 61 ovr)
  • Buffalo (Bob McAdoo 65 ovr)
  • Chicago (Mickey Johnson 64 ovr)
  • Cleveland (Austin Carr 60 ovr)
  • Denver (David Thompson 66 ovr)
  • Detroit (Bob Lanier 68 ovr)
  • Golden State (Rick Barry 71 ovr)
  • Houston (Rudy Tomjanovich 65 ovr)
  • Indiana (Billy Knight 67 ovr)
  • Kansas City (Sam Lacey 65 ovr)
  • Los Angeles (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 69 ovr)
  • Milwaukee (Swen Nater 62 ovr)
  • New Orleans (Pete Maravich 66 ovr)
  • New York Nets (Al Skinner 57 ovr)
  • New York Knicks (Earl Monroe 65 ovr)
  • Philadelphia (Julius Erving 68 ovr)
  • Phoenix (Paul Westphal 66 ovr)
  • Portland (Bill Walton 62 ovr)
  • San Antonio (George Gervin 65 ovr)
  • Seattle (Mike Bantam 57 ovr)
  • Washington (Elvin Hayes 63 ovr)

The way we'll play this is that you will be in charge of drafting, trading, free agency, signing, releasing your players, and picking the strategy. I'll simulate the season and pause at the All Star Break, and at the end of the regular season. I'll then pause through each round of the playoffs. During these pauses I'll ask if you want to make any changes to strategy or to your rosters. 

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7 minutes ago, Patine said:

No need to tag me on this one. When some people in RL are impressed by my great knowledge of the social sciences, or "humanities," and my memory, and say I should go on Jeopardy or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I demure and say, "they'd kill me on a few well-placed sports questions." 😏

I win every game of Trivial Pursuit generally. For me, it's the Entertainment category that gives others the chance of beating me. This is probably my grades on how well I do on Trivial Pursuit:

  • Geography A+
  • Entertainment F
  • History A+
  • Arts & Literature A+
  • Science & Nature A-/B+
  • Sports & Leisure C+/B-

I'll usually take a huge lead and then get bogged down on the Entertainment questions for several rounds, I usually get one right so I can win, but I've lost because of this one category. 

On another note, the reason why you were tagged is because I used the copy+paste of all people in the forum. I can take the time to delete you from this tag, but that means you won't be tagged on other things as well since I won't go out of my way to make any special taggings. 

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3 minutes ago, ConservativeElector2 said:

I'll go with the Boston Celtics, unless someone who's fan wants them.

I am pretty much neutral in the NBA, but in my first NBA game on Playstation 3 I picked Boston and had much fun playing with them.

The only player I know from that list is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

I know only 13 of them. My knowledge of NBA history isn't as great as my knowledge of NFL history. I have a great knowledge of NBA history from about 1985-2001. After 2001, I gave up keeping up with all sports but NFL. I pretty much know who all the main players were for NFL history going back to it's 1920 origin. 

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3 minutes ago, Patine said:

Also, in terms of just general passive absorption of sports facts and knowledge by media and people surrounding me and that I grew up with, my background and the place I live and the dominant sports promoted here, means that such passive absorption FAR favours the CFL and NHL than the NBA, NFL, and MLB by a very large margin.

I have a little knowledge of CFL and NHL but not much. A lot of the NFL players have played in the CFL -- Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Rocket Ismail, Jeff Garcia, etc. Also I know that Marcus Allen's brother was a great QB in the CFL--Damon Allen might have been his name. 

I kept up with the NHL in the 1990s once The Minnesota North Stars became the Dallas Stars. I went to at least one game. 

To me NFL football is the only sports game that holds my interest. 

Golf -- boring as hell

Soccer -- almost as boring as golf

Baseball -- stats are fun but it's boring to watch

Basketball -- generally interesting to watch and keep up with

Hockey -- fun to watch but am not interested in keeping up with it

Football -- always fun to watch and I find the stats intriguing

I can't stand watching any of these outside of professional. There's no reasons to not watch the best of the best. 

I'm also not a big fan of the Olympics outside of just seeing people from other countries. I keep up with the World Cup also because I find the names interesting. I try to guess which names on a Nigerian team are indigenous to Nigeria and which aren't, for instance. 



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I'll take the Denver Nuggets

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49 minutes ago, vcczar said:
  • Geography A+
  • Entertainment F
  • History A+
  • Arts & Literature A+
  • Science & Nature A-/B+
  • Sports & Leisure C+/B-

Geography: A+
Entertainment: A-

History: A+
Arts/Lit: B

Science/Nature: C

Sports/Leisure: C-

I always do best on entertainment geography and history. It’s consistently science and sports which will bog me down before I eventually break through. I wouldn’t say I really have an Achilles heel category though as I’m fairly well-rounded. Sports is definitely my weakest spot though.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It sounds like it might be much later in the year with the football sim has historic players, as such, I'll start a Basketball RP when I "finish" these final touches on AMPU. 

We will start in the 1980-1981 NBA Season and play 2030-2031 for a 50-year playthrough: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1980–81_NBA_season

Like this post if you are interested in updates about this league. I'll send a poll for teams in a week or two. 

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