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NFL Playtest 2: 1950-present


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Our Alternate History of the NFL Begins

The 12 team owners and the commissioner meet to forge a professional football league composed of the best former college stars. In our history, no professional league had existed before.

While we are weeks or months away from holding an Inaugural Draft, the teams need to find a city in which to host them. Owners will make their bids for their host cities. Once every team has found a city, the owners will be able to create a team name (mascot) for their city. 

Please give me a list of your top 5 preferred cities on this list as you may be refused bids. Pick from the below. I'll do the bids in order of owners posting. :

Alaska AK
Anchorage AK
Barrow AK
Alabama AL
Mobile AL
Montgomery AL
Arkansas AR
Little Rock AR
Arizona AZ
Phoenix AZ
Californa CA
Fresno CA
Los Angeles CA
Oakland CA
Sacramento CA
San Diego CA
San Francisco CA
San Jose CA
Colorado CO
Denver CO
Connecticut CT
Hartford CT
Washington DC
Florida FL
Jacksonville FL
Key West FL
Miami FL
Orlando FL
St Augustine FL
Tallahassee FL
Tampa Bay FL
Atlanta GA
Georgia GA
Savannah GA
Hawaii HI
Honolulu HI
Des Moines IA
Iowa IA
Boise ID
Idaho ID
Chicago IL
Decatur IL
Illinois IL
Rock Island IL
Springfield IL
Evansville IN
Hammond IN
Indiana IN
Indianapolis IN
Muncie IN
Kansas KS
Topeka KS
Wichita KS
Kentucky KY
Lexington KY
Louisville KY
Baton Rouge LA
Louisiana LA
New Orleans LA
Boston MA
Cambridge MA
Massachusetts MA
New England MA
Salem MA
Springfield MA
Worcester MA
Baltimore MD
Maryland MD
Detroit MI
Michigan MI
Duluth MN
Minneapolis MN
Minnesota MN
St Paul MN
Kansas City MO
Missouri MO
St Louis MO
Jackson MS
Mississippi MS
Billings MT
Montana MT
Carolina NC
Charlotte NC
North Carolina NC
Raleigh NC
Dakota ND
Fargo ND
North Dakota ND
Nebraska NE
Omaha NE
Manchester NH
New Hampshire NH
New Jersey NJ
Newark NJ
Orange NJ
Princeton NJ
Trenton NJ
Albuquerque NM
New Mexico NM
Las Vegas NV
Nevada NV
Albany NY
Bronx NY
Brooklyn NY
Buffalo NY
New York NY
New York State NY
Queens NY
Rochester NY
Staten Island NY
Syracuse NY
Tonawanda NY
Akron OH
Canton OH
Cincinnati OH
Cleveland OH
Columbus OH
Dayton OH
LaRue OH
Ohio OH
Portsmouth OH
Toledo OH
Oklahoma OK
Oklahoma City OK
Tulsa OK
Oregon OR
Portland OR
Frankford PA
Gettysburg PA
Pennsylvania PA
Philadelphia PA
Pittsburgh PA
Pottsville PA
Newport RI
Providence RI
Rhode Island RI
Charleston SC
South Carolina SC
Sioux Falls SD
South Dakota SD
Chattanooga TN
Memphis TN
Nashville TN
Tennessee TN
Arlington TX
Austin TX
Brownsville TX
Dallas TX
El Paso TX
Fort Worth TX
Houston TX
San Antonio TX
San Marcos TX
Texas TX
Salt Lake City UT
Utah UT
Arlington VA
Richmond VA
Virginia VA
Virginia Beach VA
Williamsburg VA
Seattle WA
Washington State WA
Green Bay WI
Kenosha WI
Madison WI
Milwaukee WI
Racine WI
Wisconsin WI
West Virginia WV
Wheeling WV
Wyoming WY
Long Island NY
Portland ME
Maine ME
Vermont VT
Montpelier VT
Cheyenne WY
Nantucket MA
Flint MI
Dearborn MI
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15 minutes ago, 10centjimmy said:

Man the busrides to Alaska would be killer. Talk about home field advantage!!

The southern teams coming to Anchorage to play are going to be in for a surprise with the weather. That’s an unfair advantage.

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1. Decatur, IL (where I grew up and the rightful location of the Staley Bears)

2. Missouri (if I can lobby for the inclusion of Springfield Missouri on this list for several reasons (1. the railway hub at the time the league started was of huge importance and why the town formed at all. The Assemblies of God Church formed here solely because of the railway network. 2. It provides access to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and is closer to St Louis than Kansas City, and 3. I live here). I think it is incredibly likely that in an alternate world a team would spawn here. 

3. Cheyanne, WY (I did a project on Wyoming in 4th grade and found Cheyanne fascinating for no reason)

4. Williamsburg, VA (I did a family trip there in middle school and loved it)

5. Gettysburg, PA (Good Movie)

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6 hours ago, vcczar said:

@ShortKing or @jnewt are either of you interested in taking the 12th team if Mark2 doesn’t respond by the end of the day? He’d been awol for almost a week 

Sure, I can take it, if you can be a little flexible with time (or just make decisions for me) if I’m taking too long - I definitely won’t take a week to make decisions though. 

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I suppose if you wanna replace me with jnewt that's reasonable, but I just haven't had time this weekend.
1. Albany, NY
2. New York State
3. Las Vegas, NV
4. Cheyenne, WY
5. Syracuse, NY

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We will keep both @jnewt and @mark2 as teams. If a team dissolves later, that's fine--and historically accurate for the 1950s. I'm going to join and be a 14th team to keep it even. 

Here are my bids. 

1. Cambridge, MA

2. Philadelphia, PA

3. New Orleans, LA

4. Austin, TX

5. Dallas, TX

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1st Round of Bid Attempts for Team Locations!

  • @OrangeP47 Springfield, IL declines to take a team. 
  • @10centjimmy Washington DC accepts a bid for a professional football team. The Washington club become the first team in the league! 75% chance of bid success. 
  • @matthewyoung123 Raleigh, NC declines to take a team. 
  • @Rezi Rochester, NY declines to take a team.
  • @Cal Richmond, VA declines to take a team. 
  • @ConservativeElector2 Little Rock, AR declines to take a team. 
  • @jvikings1 the state of Kentucky declines to take a state team.
  • @Bloot911 Savannah, GA declines to take a team. 
  • @ebrk85 the state of Oklahoma declines to take a state team. 
  • @Hestia Des Moines, IA declines to take a team. 
  • @Willthescout7 Decatur, IL declines to take a team. 
  • @jnewt Worcester, MA declines to take a team. 
  • @mark2 Albany, NY declines to take a team. 
  • @vcczar Cambridge, MA accepts a bid for a professional football team. 2nd team in the league. 10% chance of bid success. 

After the first month of finding investors and host cities that investors want to invest in, the league is only comprised of two teams. It seems right that the national capital has the first team. That investors in Cambridge accepted investing in Cambridge is quite shocking, especially since those in the area are more likely to watch Harvard play than a professional team. 

2nd Round of Bid Attempts for Team Locations

  • @OrangeP47 Rock Island, IL declines
  • @matthewyoung123 Atlanta, GA accepts! Team #3. 75% bid success.
  • @Rezi Tonawanda, NY declines 
  • @Cal Key West, FL declines
  • @ConservativeElector2 Montgomery, AL declines
  • @jvikings1 Lexington, KY accepts! Team 4. 10% bid success. 
  • @Bloot911 Chattanooga, TN declines.
  • @ebrk85 Los Angeles, CA accepts! Team 5. 75% bid success. 
  • @Hestia Omaha, NE declines
  • @Willthescout7 Missouri declines a state team. 
  • @jnewt Boston, MA accepts! Team 6. 75% bid success. The Boston-Cambridge rivalry is going to be INsane! The Charles River Rivalry!
  • @mark2 New York declines a state team. 

After another month, the league has 6 teams--Four of which are East Coast. 

3rd Round of Bid Attempts for Team Locations


  • @OrangeP47 Illinois declines a state team. 
  • @Rezi Buffalo, NY accepts! Team 7. 50% chance bid success. 
  • @Cal Idaho declines a state team. 
  • @ConservativeElector2 As Richmond and Raleigh have already declines, we go to the 5th preference: Williamsburg, VA declines. 
  • @Bloot911 Tallahassee, FL declines. 
  • @Hestia Iowa declines a state team. 
  • @Willthescout7 Cheyenne, WY declines. 
  • @mark2 Las Vegas, NV accepts! Team 8. 75% chance bid success. 

After three months, the league has 8 teams with 6 owners still grasping for investors and host cities. 

4th Round of Bid Attempts for Team Locations


  • @OrangeP47 Chicago, IL accepts! Team 9. 75% chance of bid success. 
  • @Cal Chattanooga had already declined an offer, so we go with Anchorage, AK, which declines. 
  • @ConservativeElector2 has exhausted his list for now. 
  • @Bloot911 Salt Lake City, UT accepts! Team 10. 25% chance of bid success. 
  • @Hestia Madison, WI declines. 
  • @Willthescout7 Williamsburg had declines an offer already, so we go with Gettysburg, PA, which declines as emphatically as possible (100 on the die, when you needed 1 to 5 out of 100 to get Gettysburg.)

After four months, the league is in the double digits. Some of the owners have exhausted their lists and will need to consider bids again. 

5th Round of Bid Attempts for Team Locations

The fifth month sees Kansas City added as an 11th team. 

I now need @Cal @ConservativeElector2 and @Willthescout7 to organize another list of cities, ideally with one large city included on the list. See who has already declined and been accepted above. Chicago and LA can host two teams, so even though they have teams they can have another. 


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1 minute ago, matthewyoung123 said:

Atlanta football franchise starting a lot earlier than they really did.  That's ok, the Falcons can have a long and proud tradition of folding under pressure!  😉 

And calling it "East Coast" 😛 haha

Here's a quick team map of what we have so far.  https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=15V6ti99Yp-cNA5u7IsEgBJmCCZ_Pvtk&usp=sharing

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