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2024 Party Favorability


2024 Party Favorability  

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  1. 1. Which of the following are you more favorable than unfavorable towards?

    • Joe Biden-led Democrats
    • Donald Trump-led Republicans
    • The Democratic Party in general
    • The Republican Party in general
    • Moderate Democrats (right of Joe Biden)
    • Moderate Republicans (left of Donald Trump)
    • Left-wing Democrats (left of Joe Biden)
    • Right-wing Republicans (right of Donald Trump)
    • The Green Party in general
    • The Libertarian Party in general
    • Moderate Independents
    • Left-wing Independents
    • Right-wing Independents
    • Andrew Yang's Forward Party
    • None of the above
  2. 2. Are Political Parties More Beneficial for our political system than No Political Parties?

  3. 3. Do you have a mostly favorable opinion of the Two-Party System?

  4. 4. If the following parties had equal political strength, which of the parties would you put over the edge if you had the deciding vote?

    • Democratic Party
    • Republican Party
    • Green Party
    • Libertarian Party
    • Yang's Forward Party

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In any system where you require at least 50%+1 to get anything done, you will always have the emergence of exactly two parties.

There may be sub-parties within the parties, and alliances may shift over time.  But if you expect to actually achieve anything...ever...after winning an election, you have to be capable of having a plan on how to gather 50%+1 support amongst your fellow elected officials.  The simplest, most reliable path towards that is to work together with roughly half of your fellow officials on a consistent basis, so that you've got a built-in core of likely supporters for whatever it is that you are trying to achieve legislatively.

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