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29 minutes ago, vcczar said:

Any good?

It's a little bare bones to begin with, but I think that was expected. It's just Westeros starting date with Robert's Rebellion and the aftermath of that as a second start date. It's just 0.1 so it will grow quite a bit from here. I find it enjoyable, but it is definitely less 'full' than CK2 AGOT. 

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12 hours ago, vcczar said:

Any good?

Yes-ish.  As an accomplishment in modding a complex game with an even more complex world, it's amazing.  And Robert's Rebellion is especially fun to play.

But after the rebellion, the fun factor dries up a bit.  There's a bit too much stability right now.  ASOIAF focuses on interpersonal conflicts, schemes, etc for the iron throne along with several violent open rebellions.  The mod doesn't reflect that enough yet to lead to lasting fun.  I let my game run for about 140 years starting at the rebellion.  Robert won, and the kingdom remained in Baratheon hands, passed down from father to eldest son for generation after generation, with each king eventually dying of old age.  Hardly compelling gameplay.  But an amazing technical feat nonetheless.

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I was playing a game as the Lannisters (first start date) and had quite a bit of fun - if you can call it that 😛 I equivocated on the war because I had a friend playing with me as Aerys but Robert ended up winning. He married Cersei anyway. Tywin is killed by someone scheming, so I become Tyrion with basically no heir. Not too long after that - he's also killed after a rebellion against me for some tax thing. I called Robert in but he was too busy fighting the Dornish who were having their own war against the throne. So at that point, Cersei became Lady Paramount of the Westerlands while also being Queen, which put me in a bind. Robert hated my guts - but wouldn't kill me for whatever reason even though he knew Cersei had Jaime as a lover. I tried to divorce him, I tried to kill him - nothing worked. The Faith hated me and the murder attempt missed the mark by a wide margin. Then, I gave birth to a bastard of Jaime's. It asked me if I wanted to legitimize it - a godsend. I did so, now I have an heir, yay! 

Then the next rebellion happens. I gave my uncle Kevan the seat at Castamere and now he rebelled against me. I called in Robert again and we went to war - apparently it was only to keep Cersei's seat at Casterly Rock. We did win that time, but now I have to figure out how to get back at the top of the region again 😛


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