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Your First 100 Days as President


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Assume you took the presidency right now, and the nation and congress sees it as normal and isn't panicked. If you're under 35, no one notices or brings it up for some reason. You have a 58% approval rating to start off with any can be any party you want. What do you do or attempt to do?

The Vice President, cabinet, and congressional seats remain the same.

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The Presidency of Dakota Hale

(Days 1-7)

Enter the presidency as an independent, greenlight the Keystone XL pipeline via executive order. Issue new permits for refining and drilling where they make sense, but continue Biden's push for renewable energy.

Meet with the cabinet and inform them that I plan on focusing on economic and foreign policy issues and that VP Harris has the greenlight to manage domestic policy. Dismiss Janet Yellen and Jeff Zients (Chief of Staff) in front of everyone as a power move. Call McCarthy and tell him I'll probably support whoever he wants to nominate for Treasurer.

Continue weapon and equipment shipments to Ukraine but freeze financial aid and conduct an immediate audit.

Visit Saudi Arabia and meet with the king and Crown Prince. Inform them that they will lose US support if the continue working with Russia. Offer to import Arabian oil at the same premium the Russians are. Meet with the government of Qatar and UAE while I'm over there and extend a desire for partnership.

(Days 8-15)

Go back to the USA and meet with business leaders. Meet with technology and automotive people specifically. Offer Elon Musk an advisor role like he had under Trump.

(Days 16-19)

Meet with political leaders. Meet with Bernie Sanders and Warren and tell them that I'm willing to advocate for and approve a universal-healthcare bill modeled after the UK or Swiss system as long as they don't let Senators with special interest lobbies put a bunch of other shit in it that forces me to veto it. Let them know this is probably their one chance and not to mess it up. Try to see what Sanders' private thoughts on 'The Squad' are.

Meet with VP Harris and inform her that I will let her lead the way on a police reform bill as long as there isn't any damaging rhetoric about "defunding the police" and stuff.

Meet with Greg Abbott and let him know that I am committed to border security, approve him using the National Guard for border security, and that I will support any Texas-sponsored bills in the US House or Senate to improve border security.

(Days 20-40)

Work on lobbying and meetings in favor of these domestic bills.

(Days 41-48)

Call the Presidents of Brazil and France, debate their policies. Threaten to sanction Brazil if they don't withdraw from BRICS. Call Sunak and tell him to get South Africa to stop meeting with the Russians and Chinese.

Probably end up sanctioning Brazil. Call Argentina and offer them an expanded partnership. Work with the CIA to investigate possible election-rigging in Brazil and make contacts with Brazilian insurgents just in case. If election-rigging is discovered, expose it with diplomatic condemnation from the OAS. Secretly meet with Bolsonaro and assure him of American support if I remain President during

(Days 49-53)

Offer to meet with Xi Jinping to discuss the tariff war. Express my desire to end it.

(Days 54-67)

Introduce the Modern Tax Act, which would slightly soften the progressiveness of the US tax brackets, bump the sales tax by 1%, but eliminate many loopholes and deductions for high net worth individuals. Lobby the bill for the next few weeks.

Days (68-73)

Vacation at Camp David.

Days (74-76)

Meet with US union leaders and assure them of my support for worker's rights and protections.

Days (77-83)

Unveil a new act relating to social security, dubbed, "Social Security II." With better benefits for Medicare and Medicaid recipients, and a one-time 5% boost in social security benefits starting with the next tax year.

Days (84-90)

Express my desire to work on modernizing our drug laws. Meet with and pardon nonviolent imprisoned offenders. Work with Harris to create and lobby for a bill federally legalizing marijuana, and decriminalizing most drugs.

Days (91-98)

Now that I have used my political clout as an independent to attempt to enact popular bills, I unexpectedly sign an immediate executive order limiting abortion as much as I can legally get away with. Meet with pro-life and religious leaders to work on passing pro-life bills federally and state-level. Advocate in favor of generous maternity leave and child tax credits, and allowing pregnant women to claim unborn children as dependents. Work with Republicans in congress to pass this and hope to win over moderate Democrats as well.

Day (99)

Get assassinated while meeting voters in rural Iowa. Go down as an obscure and contradictory President who tried to be moderate but probably just ended up pissing off both sides. Death switch blames now President Harris for my death as a final troll.

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I’d enter the office as a Democrat, and I’d leave Biden’s cabinet in place for the most part.

Due to the Republican control of the house, and our narrow majority in the Senate, I’d probably be limited to implementing my policies through executive power. That said, I would try to hammer out a bipartisan budget that would increase taxes, and decrease government spending in order to tackle inflation. I’d also try to pursue bipartisan legislation on issues where I think that’s possible, such as gun control, marijuana legalization, and national security.

One of my priorities entering office would be to fight the recent surge of anti-Trans legislation sweeping through Red States. Perhaps there’s some way to cut these states off from federal funding, while also facilitating the ability for refugees (and make no mistake, that is what these people are) to leave states like Texas, and settle in the civilized world. Ideally I’d like to pass a bill that would ban these disgraceful tramplings of human rights once and for all, but I doubt the Republicans would go for it.

I’d also end Biden’s Willow Project, and redouble our efforts to kick our oil addiction by investing in renewables, nuclear energy, and green infrastructure.

I’d look into fostering closer relations with South East Asian countries in order to counter Chinese aggression. I’d like to see the TPP revived and expanded, and I think recent actions by the Chinese government make the formation of a Pacific NATO a necessity, but those will likely take a few years of negotiations.

As a party leader I’d move away from chasing the votes of white working class Rust Belt voters, and refocus on capturing the support of minorities, suburbanites, social liberals, and economic moderates. I want to make a Democratic Party for the 21st century, one that cares deeply about Social Justice, Protecting the Environment, and supporting a Pragmatic Economy.

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General Plans:

  • Enter office branding myself as a new style of Democrat, one for civil liberties and economic freedoms. Attempt to redefine the American view of economic freedoms to be centered around freedom from monopoly and freedom to collectively bargain. Bring a strong sense of American exceptionalism back into the fold.
  • Slowly reshuffle the Biden cabinet to be more focused on my ideology.
  • Fire the entire Department of Homeland Security.
  • Direct the Attorney General to halt all federal prosecution of drug possession in small amounts.
  • Ignore the courts if they try to stop anything I do, adopt "Now let them enforce it" as official policy.
  • Compromise on the student loans issue. We forgive only my loans.
  • Spend like half of my presidency in Ukraine and dedicate my foreign policy to NATO expansion and making fun of Russia.
  • Also go to Taiwan and personally deliver them their first Nuclear Warhead.
  • Call all House Republicans who don't give a motion to vacate McCarthy pussies in a nationally televised address.
  • Give Joe Manchin a purple heart because he sacrificed his political career to pass the IRA.
  • Give a purple heart to Gerry Adams.
  • Take a purple heart from John Kerry.
  • Do whatever I can to open as many Nuclear plants as possible.
  • Appoint Chuck Schumer to the Supreme Court because who can stop me?
  • Make Susan Collins disappear under mysterious circumstances.
  • Hope that the House is too busy vacating the speakership to impeach me.
  • Hope that the Senate is too empty to convict me.
  • Become dictator for life
  • Increase the presidential salary by $500 per year.
  • Profit?????
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