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I'm highly recommending the Steam game General Staff. The creator has been making wargame systems for the US military for decades. He's a miltiary history professor. This game is set during the times of linear warfare, mostly Napoleonic and American Civil War battle sims. This is easily going to be the most accurate, realistic sim of battlefield strategy ever made. I've been in regular contact with this professor because I'm interested in his game's topic. Very nice guy. He's like me in that he's happy to respond to direct emails, unlike many game creators. He has a leg up on me in that I think he developed his game by himself.

The game is actually in two parts. Links are below. Everyone will need the first link, but the second link is for anyone wishing to create their own battles. 

Direct links are:

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Age of Wonders 4:

Most customizable 4x game I've ever seen it is incredible.


Shadows of Doubt:

Procedurally generated cities, detective game sandbox. It's amazing, Everything is completely simulated like irl.

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Shadows of Doubt actually looks great.  Thanks for the tip!

My very limited free time is spent obsessing over AMPU of course, so this one will have to wait a while.  But I graduate in December, so hopefully they keep updating Shadows of Doubt in the interim and I'll have a lot of fun with it in January.

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