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This is for politicians born in mostly West Africa. This one is kind of tricky because there are hundreds of thousands of tribes. In truth, I'd have to make 1,000 generators to do this accurately, but here's what I got. It's mainly for Liberian politicians, so most of the names are Liberian, but we also have African communities (non-"African American") in the US. They'll get politicians from time to time. : 

William Elba Lucy Toe
Ibrahim Jackson Elizabeth Johnson
Kwame Kamara Lucy Sylla
Anthony Conteh Mercy Kassahun
Goodluck Kamara Margaret Cisse
Robert Conteh Winnie Sanogo
Nnamdi Hussein Winnie Johnson
Thomas Doumbia Grace Jackson
Thomas Toe Margaret Jackson
Anthony Kone Fatima Sow
George Hussein Sarah Brown
Anthony Diallo Joyce Toe
Abraham Auma Mercy Cooper
William Kone Mary Hussein
Mohammad Nyongo Esther Smith
Akeem Kagame Margaret Smith
Joseph Cooper Margaret Morris
Christian Cooper Rebecca Whitaker
Anthony Kone Rebecca Ngugi
Moses Igwe Lucy Keita
David Okoye Grace Brown
David Morris Mary Jackson
Hassan Aidoo Obinna Morris
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