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Here is a generator to help with states with a high Indian-American community. I think I'm done with the generator for today, but I'll likely to some more demographics tomorrow:

Aryan Singh Jen Sharma
Buddha Patel Mia Srinivasan
Moe Padukone Raj Ranasinghe
Rahul Padukone Nikki Patel
Mohandas Modi Indira Perera
Aziz Rao Bipasha Roshan
Imtiaz Modi Shiva Rai
Aziz Jaffer India Patel
Nick Nanayakkara Indira Hossain
Mohandas Patel Bipasha Patel
Dev Joshi Shiva Kaur
Aryan Jindal Mindy Hossain
Moe Patel Ellie Rai
Serdar Srinivasan Bipasha Joshi
Sanjay Pichai Kavya Chatterjee
Sundar Roy Bipasha Dhawan
Rohan Patel Mindy Nair
Rahul Patel Jen Ranasinghe
Rahul Samaraweera Deepika Chakraborty
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40 minutes ago, vcczar said:

I knew a guy named Buddha 

Well. I don't doubt that. It must be incredibly rare in the Indian-American community.  If there's data on it, I cannot imagine we'd see a large enough number to show up twice in a playtest. 

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