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AMPU Indigenous Tribal Names

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This is database for generate politicians primarily of indigenous/native American descent:

Chief Rogers Jennifer Starr
Billy Jones Pocahontas Nosie
Patrick Fools Crow Mia Montezuma
Joseph Williams Buffy Sainte-Marie
Bill Bridges Vine Holt
Jackson LeBeau Mia Joseph
Andrew Johnson Ada Deer Bird
Simon Chaska Maria Frank
Bill Morgan Sacagawea Jones
John Sam Sacagawea Johnson
Red Cloud Haida Bonnie West
Jimmy Arrow Naomi Williams
Jackson Cornfield Pocahontas Martinez
John Brower Sacagawea Black Elk
Carlos Peltier Maria Joseph
John Deloria Dene Elk
Geronimo Fools Crow Dene Bush
Russ Thorpe Susannah Hicks
Crazy Horse Williams Buffy Begay
John Joseph Margaret Muskrat
Carlos Mills Liz Clark
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4 minutes ago, MrPotatoTed said:

Sacajawea showed up three times in a sample size of 21.  I wonder if the racial databases are too small or should also have all the names from the standard database to minimize disproportionate repetition like this?

I'm going to be adding more names. 

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