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AMPU Arab Name Generator

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Here's a generator that will be applied to states with large Arab-American communities

Feras al-Farabi Bella Said
Danny Jabbar Aisha ibn Sina
Qadry Saud Naomi Hadid
Andre ibn Ziyad Hissa Habib
Moustapha Samara Sondos al-Sheikh
Raghib al-Masry Mariam Omar
Ahmed Said Hissa El Said
Mo Qassem Rima Zahra
Abdulla Al-Khatib Rania al-Farouk
Mo al-Masry Layla al-Shami
Hussein Habib Rashida Youssef
Ralph Sharif Amina al-Khwarizmi
Nawaf al-Rashid Linda Bakr
Moustapha al-Rashid Gigi Amin
Andre El-Koury Diane Jabbar
Danny Habib Lina Ismail
Jamal al-Muhairi Diane al-Kindi
Fozi Ali Lisa al-Rashid
Mustafa al-Khattab Mariam Al-Saud
Zaid Gadamsi Fatima Hassan
Raghib Ali Nadia Youssef
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