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AMPU Scandinavian Names

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These will mainly appear in the ice box regions of the US

Luke Svensson Elizabeth Engstrom
Adam Lundgren Clara Engstrom
Leif Halvorson Olivia McBee
Erik Bergland Freja Gunnarsson
Adolphus Strom Elisabeth Sundell
Roald Nordstrom Erica Larsen
Thor Olsson Mary Kate Lund
Sven Lundgren Alice Carlsson
Isaac Blumquist Sophie Sundell
Doug Lindquist Judith Dahl
Emil Olafsson Freja Lokisson
Craig Sandberg Jennifer Sandberg
Olaf Pierson Judith Carlsson
William Dahl Amalie Lindstrom
Tobias Odinsson Isabelle Jansson
Doug Eriksson Mary Kate Olsen
Frederik Johansson Leah Blumquist
Liam Halvorson Leah Halvorson
William Stockholm Mary Kate Gunnarsson
Sven Lundgren Ella Moller
Stephen Jonsson Elizabeth Kierkegaard
Felix Sandberg Mia Oberg
Ed Oberg Aida Rasmussen
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