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These names will appear in only like three states

Homer Karas Pallas Athena Patrakis
Georgios Elytis Nia Georgopoulos
Tony Patrakis Arianna Dedalus
John Cavafy Anastasia Sefaris
Michael Papadakis Anastasia Cavafy
Christos Kostas Theodora Katsikaris
Odysseus Onassis Anastasia Sideris
Andy Olympus Sophia Katsikaris
Greg Samaras Sophia Ritsos
Homer Manos Melina Sampras
John Papadakis Elini Christopoulos
Tom Ritsos Sappho Pappas
Socrates Stamos Arianna Pappadopoulos
Constantin Mitsotakis Kiki Georgiadis
Diogenes Koukoulis Athena Antonopoulos
Pete Katsaros Arianna Metaxes
Andrew Venizelos Oracle Katsoulis
Peter Sideris Pallas Athena Karas
Diogenes Venizelos Katerina Georgopoulos
Alex Katsoulis Olympia Sideris
Constantin Athens Elini Athens
Alex Tsipras Theodora Ionnidas
Alex Andronikos Oracle Karamanlis
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