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CE2's 1800 election poll


Who do you vote for?  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you vote for? (Select only TWO)

    • Vice President Thomas Jefferson - Pringles
    • Bushrod Washington - CE2
    • James Madison - Hestia
    • Associate Justice Samuel Adams - Sean F Kennedy
    • Fmr Governor George Clinton - Zenobiyl
    • Fmr Secy Alexander Hamilton - MrPotatoTed
    • John Adams - The Blood
    • Elizabeth Hamilton - Rezi
    • Chief Justice John Jay - Timur
  2. 2. Who would you vote for (Senate)?

    • Federalists
    • Democratic-Republicans
  3. 3. Who would you vote for (House)?

    • Federalists
    • Democratic-Republicans

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  • Poll closed on 05/30/2021 at 05:19 PM

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7 minutes ago, Mishfox said:


Time to make the chuds seethe ☺️ PRESIDENT HAMILTON

Anyone who votes against Hamilton will get a cabinet position and/or Supreme Court appointment. Go show Hamilton that we don’t take kindly to radical abolitionists and elitists in the south 😎



@Beetlejuice @Cal @Cenzonico @ConservativeElector2 @DakotaHale @Dobs @Edouard @Entrecampos @Fbarbarossa @Hestia @jnewt @JohnGRobertsJr @Kitten @Magnus Rex @Mishfox @MrPotatoTed @Patine @pilight @Pringles @Rezi @Rodja @Sean F Kennedy @The Blood @themiddlepolitical @Timur @vcczar @WVProgressive @YVDyTaOxlzZr @Zenobiyl @themiddlepolitical @Wiw @jvikings1


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24 minutes ago, Patine said:

I'm a Social Democrat, ideologically, myself, which is VERY different in truth, than a Progressive or a Liberal, contrary to many Americans' beliefs. If you want to see evidence of that fact, re-watch how Bernie Sanders was screwed over good in the 2016 and 2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries...

Edit: Not the best thread to have this conversation in. 

Edited by Hestia
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Just now, Pringles said:

TFW cringe Progressives have Jefferson derangement syndrome. And vote for his right hand man instead xD

Jefferson Derangement Syndrome is the best thing I’ve heard of all day XD. Now it looks like Jefferson will set the record for longest term as VP ever 😳

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