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AMPU Italian Name Generator

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Only in states with strong Italian communities, like in NJ:

Rocky Bruno Sophia Rispoli
Romeo Russo Gina Coppola
Rocky Maradona Serafina Tomei
Rudy Lombardi Elena Borgia
Michelangelo Gallo Jenny Falco
Anthony Boccacio Teresa Di Donato
Anthony Caesar Nicole Gaga
Joe Lauricelli Julia Napolitano
Dom Loren Mary Pelosi
Tony Berlusconi Adele Caputo
Silvio Grasso Marina Machiavelli
Joe Berlusconi Laura DeLillo
Mike Giordano Antonia Rizzo
Vince Lauricelli Juliet Costa
Angelo Marino Gina Caruso
Scarface Capone Antonia Grasso
Chris Berlusconi Lucrezia Ferrante
Niccolo Greco Christina Berlusconi
Samuel Eco Nancy Russo
Joe Eco Claudia DeLillo
Vince Giordano Caterina Giordano
Luigi Di Nicola Madonna Sinatra
Vincent da Vinci Jenny Ricci
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