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These names will mainly appear in places like WI and TX, which still have large German-descent populated areas in a relatively high concentration: 

John Schurz Anna Rothlisberger
Stanley Miller Julia Fischer
Albert Sonnenschnee Gisela Miller
Gunther Swartz Heidi Schrute
George Luther Janelle Schmidt
Henry Mann Anya Wolf
Benjamin Schrute Anna von Steuben
Fred Hahn Kirstin Yerkes
Al Schroeder Kirstin Weber
Stanley Shafer Mary Grau
Dave Swartz Lena Schumacher
Fred Miller Ella Yerkes
John Rothlisberger Laura Wolf
Carl Schwarzenegger Karin Haas
Tobias Haas Sabine Becker
Bert Merkel Kirstin Schroeder
Herman Kaufman Marlene Huth
Chuck Meyer Ursula Eckert
Gary Becker Emma Braun
Christian Maas Gisela Weber
Thomas von Steuben Heidi Baur
Dick Schwarzenegger Katharina Trakl
Arnold Trakl Dagmar von Steuben
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