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A Small Perfect Union: An Independent New England RP


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On January 5th in Hartford the Federalist party led the states of the New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut to secede from the United States.

Though they initially acted as though they had expelled the other states from the union it was soon accepted that they had left the union and had become a new nation. They took the name from their region New England.


While the Federalists initially had a choke hold on the Presidency, their only opposition being the Democratic-Republican Party who despite having a powerful sister party in the US could never grow from their stronghold of New York. This was until dissatisfied factions of the Democratic-Republicans and Federalists broke away to form their own party, simply names The Democratic Party. This party managed to wrest power from the Federalists for the first time in the history of new England.

This two party system continued on with the remaining Democratic Republicans in congress dwindling in number. However, while the Democrats and Federalists fought many middle class workers were still disenfranchised. The Democratic-Republicans reached out to the common man and reinvented themselves as the Radical Party. 

This new party took the nation by storm and soon won the Presidency for themselves. This shook the entrenched parties as they found themselves with limited power in the congress due to Radical majorities and pluralities. Eventually, the Democrats and Federalists, who voted with one another often enough, decided to merge into a single party taking the Democrat name and taking power from a Radical plurality. 

As the Democrats merged the Radicals split. After a long dominance in the Presidential office the moderate wing of the Radical Party felt that their leadership was simply going too far and soon enough this wing formed it's own party, the Liberal Party who took power from the Radicals in the next election.


Presidents of New England

  • Caleb Strong (F) 1817-1821
  • Timothy Pickering (F) 1821-1829
  • Harrison G. Otis (F) 1829-1833
  • Dewitt Clinton (D) 1833-1837
  • John Quincy Adams (F) 1837-1845
  • Martin Van Buren (D) 1845-1849
  • Daniel Webster (F) 1849-1852
  • William Henry Seward (F) 1852-1853
  • William L. Marcy (D) 1853-1857
  • Charles Sumner (R) 1857-1865
  • Benjamin Wade (R) 1865-1873
  • Lyman Trumbull (L) 1873-1881
  • Samuel J. Tilden (D) 1881-1885
  • Frederick Douglas (R) 1885-1893
  • Grover Cleveland (D) 1893-1901
  • Theodore Roosevelt (L) 1901-1909
  • William R. Hearst (I) 1909-1913
  • Charles Evans Hughs (L) 1913-1921

F = Federalist

D = Democratic

R = Radical

L = Liberal


The Republic of New England

Capital: Boston

Most Populous City: New York

Term Lengths: 4 Years

House Term Length: 2 Years

Senate Term Limits: 6 Years

Each State has 4 Senators: 28 Senators Total

As of 1820 the house has 68 seats NY: 22 MA: 15 CT: 10 ME: 8 NH: 7 VT: 6 RI: 5


President Charles Evans Hughs is stepping down after 2 terms, an election is on the horizon.

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I would like to claim the Radical Party of New England!

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5 minutes ago, Timur said:

Is this Quick Shot?

Then, I will take Democratic.

EDIT: I don't know if I will join, but what is the party the Democratic and Federalist parties merged into?

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16 minutes ago, Timur said:

EDIT: I don't know if I will join, but what is the party the Democratic and Federalist parties merged into?

EDIT: I see the Democrats and Federalists have merged forming the Democratic party.

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1 minute ago, Pringles said:

Im down for that XD 

What are the principles of the Tory Party?

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53 minutes ago, Pringles said:

Which party is the party that is Center Right? 😛 

I'll take that one. 😛 

The Democrats.

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New York City Mayor Morris Hillquit announces he intends to run for the Radical Party nomination for President in 1920.

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