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Violence in Northern Ireland


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Over the last week or so, violence has erupted in Northern Ireland. Here's a small article below from Bloomberg, and it seems that the majority of the violence at the moment is loyalist/unionist inspired by what outlets are reporting. Relations between Sinn Fein and the DUP have somehow gotten even worse, but more importantly, smaller parties in the Stormont like Alliance are lashing out at the DUP as well (Alliance is a cross-community party, the only one really). Brexit injected a lot of unease into the area...we can only hope it gets better from here. I don't claim to know the intricacies of the Protocol vs the Good Friday Agreement, but something has changed for this to all of a sudden be a problem once again. 


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I like Irish culture and history very much and I think the era of The Troubles are an immensely interesting subject that needs to be studied deeply. The fact a society so close together can be divided so much is pretty sad. I'd love to know the notions of any neighborhood or wards in Northern Irish cities in order to understand the long division better. While I am a Catholic myself, I generally lean towards British unionism and disagree very much with how Sinn Féin wanted and to some extend still wants to enforce their vision of a united Ireland. However, I can understand the standpoint of both sides very well, which clearly adds to the captivating atmosphere Ireland on the whole is able to ignite 🇮🇪

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On 4/8/2021 at 10:52 AM, ConservativeElector2 said:

My class was on Thursday again, but we didn't talk about Northern Ireland. I guess it's due to the respect for Prince Philip that the violence has ended.

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