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Who Would You Have Voted For? (Series 1)


(Series 1: 1796-1820)  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. 1796 Election

  2. 2. 1800 Election

  3. 3. 1804 Election

  4. 4. 1808 Election

  5. 5. 1812 Election

  6. 6. 1816 Election

  7. 7. 1820 Election

    • James Monroe (Unopposed)
    • Write-In: Dewitt Clinton
    • Write-In: John Quincy Adams
    • Other

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Hey everyone!

I thought I’d start a series of polls here basically asking exactly what the title says! I do ask that we try to be a little realistic in our decision making, you can obviously apply your current ideology to back then, but don’t say, not vote for x candidate because of a revelation that was found after their Presidency, or a historically negative interpretation of an event. That’s all I ask we try to do. Simply be realistic! Hope y’all enjoy! 🙂 

I am not including the large multitude of people running in 1796 because it’s late and I am tired. But if you select other, feel free to specify who you’d support in the comments. 

I will also include significant third party bids as choices in the polling when I see fit.

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6 minutes ago, Pringles said:

I'll start another poll at the end of the day probably when more votes come in.

Who wins if there is a tie?

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I love how a write-in candidate is winning.

Edited by Timur
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11 minutes ago, Timur said:

Who wins if there is a tie?

It's mainly just to see how everyone would've voted had they lived back then, so it'll probably stay the same. 

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I'll also keep track of the most lopsided wins in the following series of these polls. Right now it looks like Jefferson in 1804 is taking the cake. 

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