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Von der Leyen left standing


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Someone's gotta start our political discussions!

At a meeting between the two EU Presidents, Commission and Council, as well as the Turkish president, there were only two seats sitting there. The two men, Council President Charles Michel and Turkish President Erdogan took the two seats. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was left standing, stunned with her palms upturned. Not wishing to cause a snafu, she took a seat on a couch off to the side. Von der Leyen is by far the top ranking woman in the European Union. There are numerous pictures circulating of prior meetings between Turkish and European leaders in which three chairs were offered.

  • Was this purposeful by Turkey? - Probably, in my opinion. Erdogan is the kind of person that would do this
  • Should President Michel have done something? - Again, probably. You're equals. Act like it.
  • Sexist? - Thirdly, probably 😛 Especially if the Turks organized it. Wouldn't be surprised. 
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Even if it wasn't intentional, which it probably is, what competent planner would procure only two seats, for a meeting of three people? It isn't like this is a running thing, the old, 'three presidents two chairs' meeting, either the Turks need to find a better organizer for their EU meetings or, more likely, Erdogan engineered this to be a petty, snide attack on women in politics.

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Erdogan is of the same political and psychological profile like Trump and Putin.He did this intentionally to  purposefully embarrass her and show his "power".All these semi authoritarian leaders are first and foremost pahtetic bullies.

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