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1860 United States Presidential Election Quick Shot


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1) First, there is a battle for the convention. You have three events (Two, if you are a favorite son, and 1 in negotiations if you have already won your entire delegation). Travel to a state to do an event there. Every event you do in a state, I'll roll a die to see how much progress you have made in impressing the state's delegation. Whoever receives 100 points in a state is officially endorsed by its delegation. If a candidate ends up becoming the only candidate to win over 50 points, he wins the entire delegation. If more than one candidate has over 50 points, the delegation will be awarded proportionally among those candidates. Otherwise it will be proportional.  If you are the only candidate running for the nomination, then you won't have to worry about points, though.

2) You can go for endorsements which you will use as surrogates. Before the general election, you get to do three events with surrogates besides your other three events. I will try to be more careful about giving these, than I was last time. So the rules will be as follows:

For example,

If you are Breckinridge:

Fire-eater: (e.g. Lawrence M. Keitt) 50 required

Moderate pro-slavery (e.g. Lewis Cass): 65 required

Moderate (Those in the Constitutional Union, Edward Bates): 75 required

Moderate anti-slavery (e.g. Lincoln) : 90 required

Abolitionist (e.g. Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison): 100 required

If you are Bates or Bell:

Moderate: 50 required

Moderate pro-slavery/anti slavery: 75 required

Fire Eater/Abolitionist: 100 required

If you are Benjamin Wade or Salmon Chase:

Abolitionist: 50 required

Moderate anti-slavery: 65 required

Moderate: 75 required

Moderate pro-slavery: 90 required

Fire-eater: 100 required

(An exception would be Horace Greeley whom it would require only 50 for Bates to acquire, while it would take 75 for Seward to acquire).

3) You don't get to choose a VP. The convention will decide that. However, you could support a person to be the VP candidate, thus strengthening his chances. You can play as a VP if you please, but you will have only one event to try to influence a delegation.

4) Favorite sons cannot campaign beyond their state. Also, you play them or not, they will be there.

5) Then, there's the general election. You will be given three events for your candidate, one for your VP and six for your surrogates. Each surrogate will have a +2 added to their die roll (except when their die is 9 or 10).

6) If you have any disagreements with the rules, please let me know.

7) I will not give out how much a support a candidate has in his delegation.


William Seward

Salmon Chase

Edward Bates

Abraham Lincoln

John McLean

Benjamin Wade

Simon Cameron (favorite son)

William L. Dayton (favorite son)

Jacob Collamer (favorite son)

(Northern) Democrats:

Stephen Douglas

Robert M.T. Hunter

James Guthrie

Joseph Lane

Daniel Dickinson

Andrew Johnson (favorite son)

Southern Democrats (Of course, by avoiding this party altogether, you can run as a unified Democratic candidate.)

John Breckinridge

Daniel Dickinson

Robert M.T. Hunter

Joseph Lane

Jefferson Davis

Constitutional Union

John Bell

Sam Houston

John Crittenden

Edward Everett

William A. Graham (favorite son)

John McLean (favorite son with not very much support)

William C. Rives (favorite son with very little support)

John M. Botts (favorite son with very little support)

William L. Sharkey (favorite son)

William L. Goggin (favorite son)

Liberty: Gerrit Smith (very low support). Only has ballot access in Illinois and OH. 0% support in the beginning. Gets to do only 1 event. Period. A 9 or 10 will raise your support by 0.1%, a 1 or 2 will destroy it.

People's: Sam Houston (only if you lose the nomination as Sam Houston and want to continue to the end).

If you want to run as another candidate, let me know, and I will consider it.

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VP candidates


Hannibal Hamlin

Cassius M. Clay

John Hickman

Andrew H. Reeder

Nathaniel Banks

Henry W. Davis

Sam Houston

William L. Dayton

John M. Read


Benjamin Fitzpatrick (only if there is no Southern Democratic candidacy)

William C. Alexander

Herschel V. Johnson

Constitutional Union

Edward Everett (However, if he wins the nomination, he can choose someone else)

Southern Democratic

Joseph Lane (However, if he wins the nomination, he can choose someone else)


Samuel McFarland


You get to choose. However, the likelihood of their accepting your offer will be the same as their endorsing a Constitutional Union/Edward Bates-type moderate candidate.

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Also 1 week in the RP will consist of three days (or less if you post faster) in real life. If you don't post in time, I will count it as not campaigning.

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1 minute ago, Sean F Kennedy said:

Give me Salmon Chase the Governor of the Buckeye State

Salmon Chase is yours.

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Can I get Radical Republican Senator from Ohio Benjamin Wade?

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10 minutes ago, WVProgressive said:

Can I get Radical Republican Senator from Ohio Benjamin Wade?


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25 minutes ago, Hestia said:

I'll take Sam Houston 😛

Houston is yours.

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