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AMPU Persian Name Generator

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These will be rare names, but I imagine if Iran's government ever collapsed, you'd see a lot more Persian-Americans. So it could be boosted in the future: 

Max Kazem Mina Naderi
Hamid Amini Bahar Khayyam
Omar Zarghami Nadine Naderi
Firouz Afshar Taha Ahari
Ali Shahi Nazanin Shahi
Ron Ferdowsi Emma Khayyam
Arian Ansari Mia
Omar Ansari Mina Najafi
Xerxes Sahabi Tanaz Khayyam
Shah Khayyam Davar Pahlavi
Reza Jafarkhani Farnaz Amini
Zoroaster Pahlavi Nazanin Amini
Omid Afshar Rosie Najafi
Liam Shahi Rosie Naderi
Yadollah Shahi Mia Afshar
Hamid Bahrani Rosie Safa
Navid Sahabi Shiva Kazem
Shah Bahrani Farnaz Ansari
Max Safa Maryam Jafarkhani
Navid Khademhossaini Mia Shahi
Hamid Ferdowsi Jasmin Kazem
Shah Ferdowsi Tanaz Soomekh
Omar Ansari Jasmin Ahmadinejad
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