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AMPU Brazil and Liberia Generated Draft

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I'm starting to code the hypothetical states to so their draft pick names appear: 

LI = Liberia. 

The rest of these states are in Brazil. Some regions won't have Portuguese names, they'll have some Italian, Spanish, and German names. 

Dikembe Kimani LI
Winnie Cooper LI
Anthony Davis LI
Winnie Johnson LI
Juan Barbosa AM
Gisele Lima AM
Andy Haas AM
Mary Baur AM
Ernesto Freitas PE
Nancy Saramago PE
Emeril Miro PE
Dina Barrichello PE
Afonso Mendes BZ
Cheryl Seixas BZ
Jerry Lima BZ
Dina Nunes BZ
Pedro Magellan SP
Adriana Dos Passos SP
Silvio Alito SP
Lucia Pirandello SP
Vasco Miro RO
Mellicent Prado RO
Geronimo Bergoglio RO
Carmen Diaz RO
Richard Furtado PB
Maria Barbosa PB
James Couto PB
Mellicent Cardozo PB
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