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2021 US Constitutional Convention


2021 US Constitutional Convention  

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  1. 1. What will be your goals at the Constitutional Convention

    • Greatly reform the Constitution so that it is more workable for the 21st century and beyond.
    • Mildly reform the Constitution so that it fixes some of the long-existing flaws or misinterpretations.
    • Reform it so that it is more ideologically left-wing
    • Reform it so that it is more ideologically right-wing
    • Reform it so that it is more Democratic
    • Reform it so that it is less Democratic
    • Defend the current Constitution and vote against any change whatsoever
    • Strip down the Constitution to make it resemble the old Articles of Confederation
    • Make the Constitution so weak as to be practically abolished
    • Other (mention below)
  2. 2. I will act as President of the Convention just because I'm leading this hypothetical initiative, but we need to hash out some rules. Click all that you would be comfortable with:

    • Part 1A: The Convention should use the current Constitution and work off of that to make changes.
    • Part 1B: The Convention should start with a blank slate, remaking a Constitution from scratch.
    • Part 2A: Any changes must have 75%+ support from the delegates.
    • Part 2B: Any changes must have 66%+ support from the delegates.
    • Part 2C: Any changes must have 60%+ support from the delegates.
    • Part 2D: Any changes must have straight majority support from the delegates.
    • Part 2E: Any changes must have plurality support from the delegates.
    • Part 3A: The Convention should have an elected committee that are in charge of wording of the new constitution once something has passed.
    • Part 3B: The entire Convention should vote on wording of part of the Constitution
    • Part 4A: Mention other rules, etc. that you want below
  3. 3. What are your expectations for this Constitution. Click all that apply.

    • A simpler, shorter Constitution.
    • A longer, more detailed, more all-encompassing Constitution.
    • A Constitution that can be open to interpretation.
    • A Constitution that cannot be open to interpretation outside of the specific wording.
    • A Constitution that is very moderate, bipartisan, non-partisan.
    • A Constitution that focuses more on our history than on our present or future.
    • A Constitution that focuses more on our present than on our past or future.
    • A Constitution that focuses more on our future than on our past or present.
    • A Constitution that reinforces ethics, integrity, and possibly moral.
    • A Constitution that is secular.
    • A Constitution that reinforces Judeo-Christian values.
    • A Constitution that focuses more on property holders, wealth class, and established institutions, etc.
    • A Constitution that focuses more on on people rather than property, wealth, and institutions, etc.
    • A Constitution that calls for a new Constitutional Convention every 20, 50, 100 years or so.
    • Other (mention below)
  4. 4. How optimistic are you that our Constitution will be better than the current Constitution

    • Very optimistic
    • More optimistic than not.
    • They'll be different but comparable in the number of strengths and flaws.
    • Less optimistic than not.
    • No optimstic
    • Other (mention below)

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Respond to the poll only if you are interesting in taking part in this hypothetical constitutional convention. 

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Sounds fun! I'm less optimistic due to how left wing the forum is, but I am for some mild reform depending on the area. Sounds like it'll be fun to participate in anyways! 😄 

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I could see a lot of issues arising from good natured attempts to change the constitution that have awful consequences. When I say more left leaning, I mean in comparison to human rights we’ve since established rather than granting anything that’s not already seen. Updating the constitution to include the amendments we have now that have not already been stricken out. Changing references to any man to any person. Etc. 

By and large, I’d be fearful of what kind of document could be created with only the best of intentions. 

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10 minutes ago, DakotaHale said:

I will represent the interests of the chimps, gibbons, and my fellow apes at the Constitutional convention.


We need a reset. So yes, return to monke.

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