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Article 1: Foreign Affairs, Vetoes, and Voting


Foreign Affairs, Vetoes, and Voting  

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  1. 1. Foreign Affairs (select all proposals you support)

    • Senate must confirm military actions
    • Senate confirmation for military actions is not required for 30 days after a military action
    • Both houses of congress must confirm military actions
    • The legislature will have no power on military actions
    • Congress must approve of military actions before they can occur, excluding nuclear strike defense
    • Senate must confirm treaties
    • Both houses of Congress are required to confirm a treaty
    • Senate must confirm tariffs
    • Both houses of Congress must confirm tariffs
    • The legislature will have no role with treaties
    • The legislature will have no role with tariffs
  2. 2. Vetoes (Pick all your support)

    • Senate will vote on vetoes only for override
    • Both houses will vote on vetoes for override
    • Legislature cannot override vetoes
    • The president cannot veto legislation
    • The president cannot veto legislation, but he can delay a vote for a year
    • Vetoes are overridden with 75% of the vote
    • Vetoes are overridden with 66% of the vote
    • Vetoes are overridden with 50%+1 of the vote
  3. 3. Voting (pick all you support)

    • Straight majority generally, with a 60 vote to be filibuster proof
    • All votes require 60 votes
    • All votes require straight majority; abolish filibuster
    • All proposed bills must face a reading and a voting and cannot be held up by committee or majority party
    • Congressional Leader of the major party can unilaterally prevent voting and reading of bills.
    • Committees can prevent voting and reading of bills.
    • Majority or Minority Party leaders can prevent voting and reading of bills.

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