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Should the government stop dumping money in a giant hole?


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1 hour ago, Patine said:

You know my policy on linked YouTube videos that aren't official music videos. What's going on in this one?

It’s ok, it’s not behind a paywall, you can just click on it without having to break out your aunts credit card.

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On 6/19/2021 at 11:19 AM, Patine said:

That's not the issue I've brought up about these annoying, often spammy videos before, usually on 270soft. In fact, a big part of my final ban given by Anthony was not only that I wouldn't kowtow to his declaration that the has-been crackpot Jordan Peterson being, "one of the greatest intellectual minds in Canada," and not accepting a toxic, bullshit, vapid, zeitgeist catchphrase (one of many denigrating the public discourse, nowadays) as automatically and magically having full and complete validity and credibility because a YouTube video by Peterson said it was fully legit, but that I didn't even watch the video because of previously stated preferences. And, yes, THAT is the real reason he gave my last, and, "indefinite," not the five indicting qualities he publicly lied and said were the reason (three of which qualities were things he was guilty of, instead). So, even a bit of a sore point, there. But if my personal preferences, as they relate to forum interaction in ways that harm or attack no one, are open to subjects of free ridicule, please know that yours and @Pringles' such preferences will receive no sacrosanct status either.

I love Jordan Peterson 

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@PatineIt's just a funny video.  You can watch the video or not watch the video, either way is fine.  Probably not going to find alot of people lining up to take the time to explain the video to you if you're not willing to take the time to watch it.  So if somebody posts a video, and you don't want to watch the video, you can just move along with your day instead of...whatever this was.

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