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AMPU 1792 Rookie Draft

AMPU 1792 Rookie Draft  

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  1. 1. Who would you hope to draft first if you were a faction of the Blue Party? (Draft value is the # below)

    • Andrew Jackson of TN - 50
    • David Brydie Mitchell of GA - 23
    • Edward Livingston of NY (later LA) - 21
    • John Montgomery of MD - 21
    • Edward Tiffin of OH - 19
  2. 2. Who would you hope to draft first if you were a faction of the Red Party? (Draft value is the # below)

    • John Quincy Adams of MA - 47
    • Daniel Rodney of DE - 26
    • Ambrose Spencer of NY - 23
    • Richard Stockton of NJ - 23
    • Stephen Van Rennselaer of NY - 21
    • Harrison Gray Otis of MA - 21
    • Chief Black Hawk of IL - 10

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The top of the draft is impressive. Jackson and Adams are two picks that could crank out points for generations. Below that, you have some depth. One could try to get an early lead in influencing OH by taking Tiffin or in LA by taking Livingston. Chief Black Hawk would require very early Native American suffrage to be usable. 

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