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AMPU 1864 Rookie Draft

AMPU 1864 Rookie Draft  

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  1. 1. Who would you hope to draft first if you were a faction of the Blue Party? (Draft value is the # below)

    • Grover Cleveland of NY - 41
    • Thomas Jordan Jarvis of NC - 31
    • Arthur Pue Gorman - 28
    • Joseph C S Blackburn of KY - 26
    • James B McCreary of KY - 26
    • George Dewey of VT - 22
  2. 2. Who would you hope to draft first if you were a faction of the Red Party? (Draft value is the # below)

    • Thomas Brackett Reed of ME - 37
    • William Walter Phelps of NJ - 33
    • John Davis Long of MA - 32
    • Jacob H Gallinger of NH - 26
    • Joseph G Cannon of IL - 25
    • Mark Hanna of OH - 23
    • Robert Smalls of SC - 20
    • Victoria Woodhull of OH - 12

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One president and the first woman nominee for president, even though her candidacy was illegal. This draft also includes two of the most powerful House Speakers in US history (Reed and Cannon). 

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