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The UK Government is in peril. 

Prime Minster Harold Wilson has resigned and the Labour Party is divided and hangs onto a thin majority.

Meanwhile Tory Leader Ted Heath has been challenged to a Leadership election that could decide the position of the Conservatives.

The next few years will be crucial for the future direction of Britain, and who knows what comes after that?




Labour Left - @WVProgressive


Soft Left - Open

Labour Right - @The Blood



One Nation - @Pringles


Thatcherite - @Dobs


Old Tories - @Rezi


Liberals - @Hestia


All other parties are open to be claimed!!



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Current Leader and Former Prime Minister Edward Heath will re-affirm his bid to retain his post as Leader of the Conservative Party. 


At an event with party officials, supporters, and fellow MP's, Heath would give the following televised address. 

"My fellow Conservatives, I come here today reaffirming my bid to remain leader of this party, in these unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in. Our nation is currently in a recession. The current Prime Minister has resigned, and I'd like to respectfully wish my right honorable colleague the best. But the situation we have found ourselves in now requires new leadership! I do not know who will replace Prime Minister Wilson, but I do know that it is time to get to work, and uplift this nation out of the recession with tested ideas, experience, and policies that benefit all men and women of the United Kingdom. I look forward to remaining the leader of the Conservative Party, and I look forward to working for the people of this nation, and fighting for better policies unlike those that the Labour Party have enacted. Let's stick with what works!"

Heath would try to appeal to as many establishment "One Nation" Conservatives as possible. Holding his own faction together will be key in his hopeful victory. 


 Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party William Whitelaw announces a bid at Leadership. 


Promising to back Heath in the event that the elections head to a second round, Whitelaw still poses himself not necessarily as a challenger, but simply solidifying his support as Deputy Leader of the Party. For now...


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Following the resignation of Prime Minister Harry Wilson, the left wing of Labour was left with a difficult choice, on who should be the standard bearer for Socialism in Britain in the coming leadership election. Should it be the grizzled veteran, and masterful parliamentarian Michael Foote, or the younger, more charismatic Tony Benn? It was eventually decided that both men would run during the first round, however, if neither was able to achieve a plurality of the votes, the candidate with less support would withdrawal, and endorse the candidate with more support.

The Foote campaign will campaign on the traditional Socialist appeals, and focus on the candidate's long record in parliament, and his experience.

The Benn campaign, on the other hand, will promote Benn's own brand of Socialism, or 'Bennism', as some members of the media have taken to calling it, while also highlighting Benn's popularity among Labour's base of activists. 

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Who else to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party than Reginald Maudling?Reginald Maudling accused of pocketing gifts from the Russians | Politics |  News | Express.co.uk

The grizzled veteran of the Conservative Party and proud Old Tory had been long viewed as a potential leader for the party, and after mulling it over for many years and making several attempts, he finally decided to take his shot at it. He knew this was his last shot to be the leader of the party, and planned to make the most of it. He put out his ideas for the nation, proposing a nationalist United Kingdom, one that didn't need Europe or the United States. A United Kingdom that could control its own destiny, its own fate. He put forward his ideas of laissez faire economics and the privatization of many social services known to the British people, and t he need of the Government to make decisions which they were not needed to.NPG x200284; Reginald Maudling - Portrait - National Portrait GalleryNPG x200284; Reginald Maudling - Portrait - National Portrait GalleryNPG x200284; Reginald Maudling - Portrait - National Portrait Gallery

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James Callaghan Announces Run For Labour Leadership:

Holding an official announcement in his home constituency of Cardiff South East, James Callaghan will announce his run for the leadership of the Labour Party and for the position of Prime Minister. During his announcement, he will say, "I am not running because I believe that now is the political opportune time to do so. No, I am running because I see the great turbulence and troubles facing our nation, the place I call home, and in the face of these troubles, I look to the horizon and see hope. I see hope for our working families and communities, as families much like the one I was raised in are able to grow and prosper. I see hope in our labour, as we have the opportunity to empower unions and our workers. I see hope in our education, as we are able to properly provide an education to our youth and support trade schools and other paths towards blue-collar work. I see hope in our infrastructure and rail, as we are able to move our communities forward with publics works projects while bringing British Rail into the future. I see hope on the international stage, as we stand tall as an independent power worldwide, working with our European brothers to build ties and bring prosperity to all. I see hope in our economy, as we are able to face our current difficulties with proper, unified action, all while taking into account those who matter: Britain's working families. And I see hope in the British people, as we have the potential to move into a new era of growth, where our free society is allowed to flourish, and where moderate, bi-partisan, yet still firm action is able to stand up for our working people. We are in a troubled time, but we must have hope, and with my years in government, and my passion for this nation, I believe I am uniquely able to unlock that hope. Thank you."

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Peter Shore gives speech emphasizing fear based politics and why he’s running for Labour leadership.


You’ve got to get in to get on” was the slogan of that day. Five or six pounds a week better off for Britain if we can only get in to the Common Market. All the goodies were spread out, and Donald Stokes of Leyland buying one page advertisements saying, “all we need is a great domestic market of 250 million and we will sweep Europe!”

And do you know what has happened? And this is the one significance of the trade figure – I’m not arguing – who cares about the actual details of the size of it – that doesn’t matter. It’s the trend! The trend!

Three years ago, four years ago, we were almost in balance with the Common Market in this country.

What’s happened since? 500 million down in 72′. 1000 million in 73′. 2000 million in 74′. Running now at the rate of 2400 million this year! Don’t you see what that’s going to do to the prosperity of this country! You can’t go on borrowing that.

When you add to that the burdens I mentioned a moment ago, and we under grave threat! We’re in peril at the present time, and the country must know.

Therefore, now what do they say? What is the message that comes now? No longer to tell the British people about the goodies that lie there. No longer that. That won’t wash – will it? Because the evidence will no longer support it.

So the message, the message that comes out is fear, fear, fear.

Fear because you won’t have any food.

Fear of unemployment.

Fear that we’ve somehow been so reduced as a country that we can no longer, as it were, totter about in the world independent as a nation.

And a constant attrition of our moral. And that is why I’m best fit to lead Labour, we need to bring rationalization back to this country.

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Margaret Thatcher, MP for Finchley, announces bid for Leadership

From the archive, 12 February 1975: Dreamy, says Thatcher, the new chief  Tory | Margaret Thatcher | The Guardian

"Ladies and Gentleman, proud conservatives and Brittons, today Britain stands before us as a nation stripped of its former pride and glory. Decades of Socialism and decay have left behind only rot and disfunction. The ruling Labour Party has lost all right to govern with its extremist and far-left politics. Even in our own Conservative Party, the people of Britain, those who simply want to get back to doing business and being free, have been ignored. The old ruling class can never deliver for Britain the kind of total top-to-toe reform which this country so desperately requires. That is why I am proudly announcing my candidacy for Leader of the Conservative Party. The Tories cannot hope to take back Number 10 unless we are clear with the British people that we believe in what we say we believe. We believe in Free Markets and Fiscal Responsibility. We believe in the family and in freedom. We believe in Capitalism and we oppose vigorously the evils of Communism and its sneaky little brother; Socialism. I say this not to create a divide in our party or our country, rather to unite it behind the values upon which we have won World Wars and stared down Empires of Evil. It is time for new change and decisive leadership. I humbly offer that change and that leadership to the Conservative Party and to the United Kingdom.

Thank you all and May God Bless you!"

The Thatcherite wing of the party will begin organizing as a bloc to pick off One Nation Tories who recognize that Ted Heath has already lost us two election in a row and we simply cannot afford to lose a third in 1979. Thatcher's speech steered clear of blatant attacks to make it clear she will work with all factions of the party but that very clearly we desire a rightward turn of a rapidly left-turning party. And we believe that many One Nation Tories will agree that the direction in which Heath has taken the party is in fact too left-wing even for his own faction.

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(3) Heath gives a well thought out speech and well intended speech. However, his election losses and rocky premiership still hang over him and stain his prospects.

(8) Whitelaw shines! Heathism still has a firm grip on the Conservative Party and while its standard bearer is floundering it's ideas are not.

(3) Maudling's following in the parliamentary party already have small numbers. This combined with a lackluster leadership bid don't give him excellent prospects.

(9) Thatcher hits the mark! Her speech reaches out to her own faction as well as dissatisfied members of other factions. Whilst initially seen as a longshot candidate her candidacy now seems viable.


(5) Michael Foot's announcement is tepid. While not making a splash it is clear that Foot is a safe pair of hands for the leadership.

(8) The charismatic Benn makes a splash with his announcement. The Labour government is in a tough spot and a unabashedly left wing leadership could be the way out.

(2) Shore fails to create a mark with his bid. The common market isn't the biggest issue the country right now and his speech is seen as an attempt to distract.

(10!) Callaghan marks his spot as heir to the party. With an electric speech to make his bid and what seems like a clear plan to govern Callaghan seems set to take the top job

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Labour leadership election round 1

Peter Shore - 24 Votes

Michael Foot - 30 Votes

James Callaghan - 119 Votes

Tony Benn - 146 Votes

Tony Benn wins the first round with 45.8% of the vote! No candidate has 50% or over so there will be a second round. 

Peter Shore is eliminated

Conservative leadership election round 1

Ted Heath - 132 Votes

Willie Whitelaw - 46 Votes

Reginald Maudling - 60 Votes

Margaret Thatcher - 73 Votes

Ted Heath wins the first round with 47.3% of the vote! This means that he defeated his closest opponent by over 15% allowing him to win on the first round!

Ted Heath retains the Tory Leadership!


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Michael Foot endorses Tony Benn for leader, and instructs his supporters to back him in the second round. Behind the scenes Foot tries to influence Peter Shore voters, most of whom are soft left Eurosceptic, into supporting Benn. Benn celebrates the fact that a plurality of Labour MPs backed him, and says that Britain now has a choice between two excellent Prime Ministers, but that he hopes the voters will pick him for a new direction that the party desperately needs. 

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James Callaghan will announce his withdrawal from the Labour leadership race, declaring, "I can see by the numbers where the process is going, and I will not delay or attempt to obstruct the ascension of my colleague Tony Benn to the positions of party leader and Prime Minister. I have full confidence and support for Tony as he soon takes up this vital role, as I believe that much like myself, he has the confidence that Britain and her working families may find hope as we face the challenges of this time, and that through a strong defense of our free society, and a proper maintenance of the social contract, our government may unlock this hope and put the working families of Britain first. Thank you." 

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Liberals Organize 'Day of Action' in Several Cities

A hallmark of Liberalism in the United Kingdom continues to be a good one for the party: local government. Liberal MPs, councilors, and various elected officials meet in cities and towns across the United Kingdom to pitch in and help their neighbors. The main events are hosted by three Liberal MPs: Jo Grimond, the former leader, Jeremy Thorpe, the current leader, and David Steel, a potential future leader for the party. The party unveils a new logo (irl Lib Dem bird - it's just better and flashier 😛 ) at this day to much fanfare. The three MPs go to three large cities in each country: London in England for Thorpe, Grimond goes to Glasgow in Scotland, and Steel visits Cardiff in Wales. The party hopes they can build from the ground up and provide a stable sort of third party that the country can trust in times that they need them. 

Liberal Democrats on Twitter: "Our own bird Libby wishes you a happy  #NationalBirdDay! Help us make her day extra special, join today >  https://t.co/uhtmkgT1D2… https://t.co/1wv4Or3T8H"

While at some of these rallies, Liberals are alerted of the changing dynamics in the Tory and Labour leadership races. Spooked by the left-ward turn of the Labour party, the Liberals quickly begin putting out orange signs with 'Stability' and 'Leadership' to their candidates to hold at the rallies, feeling an election is on the horizon. They are less alarmed by the changing dynamics, or lack thereof, in the Conservative Party. They hope they can get their orange bird to take off 😉

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Robin Cook announces bid for Deputy Leadership 

“ My friends we are at an important time in our country, and we need to make sure that the labor party is the party of the working man, the party of the future, we need to close the gap between the rich and the poor, fight for the rights of our workers, and that’s why it’s good we elected Tony Benn to leadership and he needs a winning team behind him. Today I announce my bid for deputy leadership.”

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James Callaghan Enters Deputy Leadership Race:

With the recent announcement from Robin Cook of his entrance into the Labour Party Deputy Leader's race, James Callaghan will make his own entrance, declaring in front of a crowd of press, "I believe that I have the experience, skill, and able attitude required to support the Labour Party and serve as its Deputy Leader, and I believe that through this role I can place the working people of Britain first, working with the incoming Prime Minister Benn to lead Britain forward through our current difficulties. We must have hope in these troubled times, and we must be able to deliver this message of hope to the working people of Britain as we push to support their unions, schools, and livelihoods. I believe that I can work with Tony to help steer the party in this direction. Because despite our differing ideologies and views on certain issues, in the end I know we have the ability to work together to help support our nation and her people."

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Ulster Unionist Party chairman Harry West sends congratulatory messages to both Edward Heath and Tony Benn. 

''Now the dust has settled and it is my duty to congratulate both of you on your respective election to lead your parties. It is my pleasure to offer my support and counsel on behalf of the Ulster Unionist Party, whenever the honorable gentlemen need such an advice. The voice of Ulster is strong in this country and so it will be in the House of Commons.''

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@WVProgressive @Fbarbarossa

Edward Heath Delivers Victory Speech


"My fellow Conservatives, my fellow Britton's, I thank you for restoring your confidence in me to remain as the leader of the Conservative Party. I'd like to congratulate my honorable friend, Mrs. Thatcher, Mr. Maulding, and Mr. Whitelaw. I pledge to work with all members of this party as we unite in this moment, as Conservatives, pursuing one common goal; the welfare of the British people. I'd also like to congratulate my right honorable colleague Tony Benn. As he is clearly on track to be elected leader of the Labour Party, and taking on the responsibilities of Prime Minister."

"However, my fellow Conservatives. It is time to commit to our new vision, and it is my job to provide opposition. It is no doubt that many in the country are alarmed at the policies and proposals of Mr. Benn. In fact, many of you can clearly see that I am! Afterall, with respect to my colleague, he is the one and only 'Commissar Benn.'"

"With this new, drastic direction the country is embarking upon, if it be the will of the people, I believe Prime Minister Benn should request that an election to be held. The people of this nation deserve to decide the course of it." 


Deputy Leader William Whitelaw Issues Statement on Soon-To-Be Prime Minister Benn  


"Hello my fellow Conservatives, I come here today wishing a congratulations to my friend, Ted Heath on his victory, and also to Mrs. Thatcher, and Mr. Maulding. I want to offer my full support to Mr. Heath as he leads our party into the future. Now is the time for us to unite in our vision of sensible, pragmatic policies that are proposed by those with experience. For the last several years we have seen the United Kingdom endure rising unemployment, struggling workers, and our economy in recession. I call upon the newly elected Prime Minister Benn to request that an election be held as soon as possible! The will of the British people must be heard. And I am confident they are ready for a fresh start with the Conservative Party! Not with the policies that 'Commissar Benn' would enact. And continue to destroy the fiscal and social health of this nation! Mr. Prime Minister, call the election!!!!"


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Cook (1!) While Cook makes a solid point many say that his two year tenure means that he is too inexperienced to run for deputy leader at this point.

Callaghan (9) Callaghan seems to have carried the electricity and momentum that he had in the leadership election to the deputy leadership election.


Labour Party Deputy Leadership Election Round 1

Cook - 151 Votes

Callaghan - 168 Votes

Callaghan wins the deputy leadership with 52.6% of the vote!

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Tony Benn gives his first speech as Prime Minister of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, and announces Cabinet Reshuffle

Benn, Tony standing next to Barbara Castle, as Labour MPs sing the Red Flag at the 1976 Labour Party Conference

"Working people of Britain, I can promise you this: The days of the British government being subservient to Capitalists, and Bankers, and not to the Voters, and Workers, is over! This government shall continue to build Socialism in Britain, and ensure the working masses of this country, are finally given what is theirs by right. I have big plans for this country, and I will see them implemented before my time is up! We shall nationalize industries, and fight against exploitation by big business! We shall put the workers in control of the capital, rather than the current system, of capital controlling the workers! We shall implement industrial democracy, and end the current autocratic rule of these unelected business tyrants! We shall do away with the hereditary peerages, and abolish the House of the Lords! We shall make Britain the first country on the face of the Earth, that places the working class first! This is a government for the coal miner! For the working mother! For the nurse! For the millwright! For every single person that must make a living by selling their body, and their labour to a parasite capitalist! Now let me address the concerns of the Right Honorable Ted Heath, and the Conservative party. The Conservatives, predictably, have decried this victory of the working people, as the lead up to a Communist takeover of Britain, and are calling for a new election. Marxism is not synonymous with communism and it is not true that there is growing up in the Labour Party a dominant group which believes in violent revolution, the one-party state and suppression of democratic rights. Further more, we have already had an election, I was elected by the Labour MPs, which themselves were elected by the British people in 1974. I would expect Mr. Heath to remember this, as he led the loosing effort in that election. I have this to say to Mister Heath, and to his Conservative allies: We have very important issues facing us today, solving inflation, figuring out Britain's future in Europe, and maintaining the full employment economy spring to mind as examples. Why, when our country is in such a predicament, should we call for such a distraction as an election, rather than getting down to business, and governing. It is because, my friends, Mr. Heath, and the Conservatives, are afraid of our government. They know that this government will put working people first, and fight for the many, and not the few, and that is something they are totally unprepared for. We shall get Britain through her crisis, and emerge on the other side, the world's first truly Socialist World Power! I thank you all, and now, if you would, I'd like if we all sang a rendition of our party anthem.

Benn, and the crowd sing The Red Flag in unison (Pictured)


I present to you all, the Benn I Cabinet:

Prime Minister: Tony Benn

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Michael Foot

1st Secretary of State: Jim Callaghan

Secy of State for Foreign, and Commonwealth Affairs: Peter Shore

Secy of State for the Home Office: Shirley Williams

Secy of State for Defense: Denis Healey

Secy of State for Education, and Science: Anthony Crosland

Secy of State for Employment: Eric Heffer

Secy of State for Energy: John Silkin

Secy of State for the Environment: Barbara Castle

Secy of State for Social Services: Roy Hattersley

Secy of State for Industry: Harold Lever

Minister of Overseas Development: David Owen

Secy of State for Prices, and Consumer Protection: Dennis Skinner

Secy of State for Trade: Hugh Brown

Secy of State for Scotland: William Ross

Secy of State for Wales: John Morris

Secy of State for Northern Ireland: Gerald Kaufman

Minister for Planning and Local Government: John Smith

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food: Roy Jenkins

Chancellor for the Duchy of Lancaster: John Prescott

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Liberals Address Parliament's Return

A day after the State Opening of Parliament (seen below)

State Opening of Parliament, 1970 | The Royal Watcher

"Mr. Thorpe!" The speaker's voice rings out after several back and forth questionnaires between rival parties and the new Prime Minister, Tony Benn. 

"Thank you, Mr. Speaker." The Liberal leader steps up to speak at his post at the bench. "It is with great sorrow I rise today to address the House. I intend to address the comments made by the Prime Minister the day before yesterday after the Labour leadership contest. While I congratulate the Prime Minister, and the Leader of the Opposition, on their respective victories, it is the way with which the Prime Minister spoke that leads me to cause of alarm."

"I quote, Mr. Speaker, from the speech given by the Prime Minister: "Marxism is not synonymous with communism and it is not true that there is growing up in the Labour Party a dominant group which believes in violent revolution". Well that is a relief, now isn't it? The Labour Party doesn't believe in violent revolution, isn't that a relief?" Liberal members pound their hands against their seats to display their backing. "What isn't a relief is the Honorable Member for Bristol South East's backing of Marxism. Leftism is not Marxism. Leftism is Liberalism." 

"I would like to extend the Liberal hand of friendship," His voice rises as the Commons gets noisier. "To any Honorable Member on the other side of these Benches that is uncomfortable with this new Labour Party. The Liberal Party offers you an alternative. For any Honorable Gentleman or Gentlewoman that wishes to join us here on the Liberal benches, I say welcome. Welcome! And thrice, welcome! History beckons, and only those who listen will be able to alter it. I yield back, Mr. Speaker."

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I would like either to join soft labour (but not so interesting as future blairites are already took) or SNP or Liberal democrats, but in the third option I think it would be good that me and Hestia work together on both wings of the LibDems which are :

-Social Democrats

-Liberal Democrats (Liberal in british and european term means economic liberalism)

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