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Forum Legislation Game  

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  1. 1. Would You Be interested in Playing a Forum Legislation Game, which would cover historic Senate votes from 2001-present. You would play as a US Senator.

    • Yes
    • No or not sure
  2. 2. Would you be able to check the forum at least once every 24 hours?

  3. 3. As a Senator, which party would you belong to in 2001?

  4. 4. As a Senator, which state would you represent in 2001? (If we get more than two, we'll do a coin toss, and the loser will pick another state)

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5 minutes ago, vcczar said:

If I can get at least 20 people to commit to this, I might go through and post historic legislation in which every player plays as 1 US Senator. 

The remaining 80 Senators will be process by me, according to how they voted historically. We'd start with 2001 historic legislation and move forward. 

Once I get 20 "likes" or responses, then I'll move forward on the idea. It will be very slow-paced considering how busy I am. 

I like the sound of this tbh. If we can get the people for it I'd be happy to participate!

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This sounds like an incredibly fun game, count me in!

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18 minutes ago, Patine said:

"I am not this deliverer they say I am. It would take more than a man to deliver these people. It would take a God!"

-Moses (played by Charleton Heston), "The Ten Commandments,"


Give me a bit to see what work and other RL demands of me, and I'll give due consideration.

At most, it's just going to involve looking at an overview of the bill and then voting "yea" or "nay." At the least, you just vote "yea" or "nay" based on a summary. 

I'll link a Wikipedia link to each bill, along with the votes of the NPC members of the Senate. It's not going to be an RPG. It's just going to be, "How would I vote." I don't have time to make it an RPG. 

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14 hours ago, Patine said:

It's unfortunate you have no one but the Duopoly to vote for who ever - or is de facto allowed to - win any elections except for a small smattering of offices across all levels of government at any time. I truly pity the American voters for the corrupt and rigged electoral system that denies real choice in leadership, real free-and-fair and contested elections, and real power by the electorate to pressure and force government policy and demand true accountability, transparency, and responsibility from government and have needed advancements and reforms in a societal and political sense keep up with, and not lag behind, most other First World Nations. It is a sense of true and sincere sadness I look upon my southern cousins - and I say this genuinely, and not at all sardonically or sarcastically.

I don't mind.  As a moderate independent, I like that...Trump aside as a rare exception...I usually get a reasonably moderate Republican versus a reasonably moderate Democrat to choose between.  In that case, with neither one threatening to burn everything to the ground and start over in troubling new directions, I can just look for the traits that make someone a great leader:  intelligence, compassion, fortitude.  2008 was a perfect example.  I sincerely believed that both Obama and McCain could make amazing Presidents and the country would win no matter who they chose -- until McCain chose Palin as VP, who lacked everything except perhaps fortitude.  

I like our current system the way it is.  Our primaries achieve the same thing that having a party-less or 60-party general election would.  We whittle it down to the people we as a nation believe have the right balance between "can win" and "should win".  Sometimes we lean more towards "can win", sometimes more towards "should win."  But Trump aside, we don't often end up with "should never ever ever be permitted to win"


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@Beetlejuice @Cal @Cenzonico @ConservativeElector2 @DakotaHale @Dobs @Edouard @Fbarbarossa @Hestia @jnewt @Kitten @Magnus Rex @Mishfox @MrPotatoTed @Patine @pilight @Pringles @Rezi @Rodja @Sean F Kennedy @The Blood @vcczar @WVProgressive @Zenobiyl

We need three more people before I commit to this. Feel free to invite new people to the forum or to encourage Patine to join. I think he'd make the votes and debate interesting. I might also close off the thread so that it is only players that can observe the thread. This way it can seem more like a Senate debate without outside interference from other forum users. 

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