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Up/Down Presidential Ranking


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C-Span movements since the 2000 Poll (GW Bush, Obama, and Trump will be from their first poll):

Most of those who dropped are those that are believed to have failed in pursuing equal justice. Grant certainly rises because of his aggressive pursuit. Bush rises probably because the focus is on Trump, although I expect Bush to fall again. 

+13 = Grant
+7 = GW Bush
+4 = Eisenhower
+3 = Coolidge
+2 = Reagan, Obama, Monroe, Madison, JQ Adams, Clinton, Garfield, Arthur
+1 = Washington, McKinley, J Adams, Taft, Harding
0 = Lincoln, T Roosevelt, Jefferson, JFK, Trump
-1 = FDR, Truman, LBJ, GHW Bush, B Harrison
-2 = Hoover
-3 = Fillmore, Tyler, WH Harrison, Pierce, A Johnson, Buchanan
-4 = Carter, Van Buren
-5 = Ford, Nixon
-6 = Polk
-7 = Wilson, Taylor
-8 = Cleveland, Hayes
-9 = Jackson
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