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AMPU Playtest Roll Call!!!!!

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@MrPotatoTed will be the GM as usual.

I'll be prepping the Era of the Future and getting the game to development as the playthrough progresses. 

This playthrough will start from 1774 and go to 1788. We will then pause this game and try out the Era of the Future for a bit, starting in 2020. Once that has been tested, we will return where you left off in 1788. 

We are going to do a 10-player game. Our largest ever. 5 factions per side. I've selected the most enthusiastic people from the poll. If you are tagged for the playthrough below, then let us know how eager you are to play as the Blue Party or as the Red Party on a scale from 0-10, 10 being the most eager to play as that party. 

The Blue Party is the Anti-Federalists/Jeffersonian Republicans/Democrats. That is -- Jefferson, Wilson, FDR, and Obama are Blue Party. 

The Red Party is Federalists/National Republicans/Whigs/Republicans. That is -- Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln, and GW Bush are Red Party. 


@WVProgressive (only playtester with a perfect response in regards to eagerness and availability) He will get his choice of party automatically. 


@ConservativeElector2 (considering how much he's helped me in the spreadsheet, he will get his choice of party automatically)



@DakotaHale (considering he created this forum, he will get his choice of party automatically)





At some point, I'm going to create a group message for all of us. You'll also need to message @MrPotatoTed your phone so he can text you when it is your turn, and message me your gmail address for the excel sheet so you can access it. 

Expect to start the playthrough in about two weeks, possibly sooner, depending on how long it takes to finish smoothing out the rules and putting together the excel document. I think it should only take 10-15 days. I'll give you occasional playthrough related posts to get you all in the mood. 



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