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AMPU Parties for Playthrough

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Update to the parties: @MrPotatoTed will be playing as a CPU faction for both Red and Blue to test out the CPU mechanics. That means there will be 12 factions--6 per party. As he will be the CPU, you won't be able to negotiate with his faction the way you can with a human. Treat these factions as you would if you were playing with a CPU faction on a CPU.

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43 minutes ago, DakotaHale said:

Ez dub for team red

A lot depends on how y’all do from 1800-1860, which will be you’re most difficult period in the early half of the game. You should do well from 1774-1800 since Red will have a slight advantage. 

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I've started putting together the Excel Document for the playtest. This could be finished as early as Friday but it might take a few more days. Lots of programming and moving things over. I'm also having to make a lot of adjustments considering the last playtest was 2 vs 2 instead of 6 vs 6.

Red Party (Federalists/National Republicans/Whigs/Republicans):

@ConservativeElector2 @DakotaHale @SilentLiberty @Cal @jvikings1 @MrPotatoTed (as a Red CPU player)

Blue Party (Anti-Federalists/Jeffersonian Republicans/Democrats):

@Rodja @themiddlepolitical @Rezi @Hestia @WVProgressive @MrPotatoTed (as a Blue CPU player)

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