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Whistleblowers or Traitors


Whistlerblowers or Traitors  

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  1. 1. Edward Snowden

    • Snowden should be awarded! He is a hero!
    • Snowden should be pardoned, but not awarded.
    • Snowden should be in jail.
    • Not sure
    • Other (Please specify)
  2. 2. Julian Assange

    • Julian Assange is a hero!
    • Juilan Assange is a threat to US National Security!
    • Julian Assange is a Russian Asset!
    • Julian Assange has done good things and bad things
    • Not Sure
    • Other (Please specify)

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I used to be pro-Snowden, and pro-Assange. Then, I moved to the other side. Right now, I'm not sure.

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Both played a crucial role in exposing the intelligence establishment and their ridiculous and unconstitutional attempts to spy on law abiding citizens. No surprise there is so much hostility towards them in both Washington and society, even though they acted for the greater good!

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I don't know enough about all the details to make a judgement, I'm inclined to think of neither as traitors and probably having done more of the "right thing" than the "wrong thing." I find whistleblowers to be generally on the side of good. 

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3 hours ago, Patine said:


The question is, do either of you (or others with similar, "moderate pro-whistleblower," views believe these leaks should be possibly used to bring real criminal justice to individuals in the Bush or Obama Administrations, or just the usual, limp, seemingly-mainstream attitude, "it'll have an impact on their legacy, but elected Federal politicians still shouldn't really face trial for things they've done in office?"

I think that would be a fine idea and I would lend my support to it. Though such an idea would for sure never see the light of day...

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