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Here's another list of funny, interesting, or cool names from the AMPU Politician Generator:

  • Xavier Beavers
  • Curly Joe McMahon
  • Bainbridge Moogle
  • Eros Babcock
  • Patricia Moonflake
  • Harley Obama
  • Cassiopeia Ojeda
  • Wilkinson X
  • Nancy Heartstop
  • Icarus Jones
  • Mary Humblebrag

This generator works well. I had to do like 50+ simulations to get these. The rest are all believable names.

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5 minutes ago, vcczar said:


  • Harley Obama

Obama on a motorcycle!

Edited by Timur
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Just now, vcczar said:

More random generate politicians with interesting names:

  • Joseph Biden of Kansas
  • Whalesmith Booth
  • Peewee Pettus
  • Pancho Rockefeller
  • Ebenezer Booze
  • Muhammad Ehringhaus
  • Noam Demonbunny

Wait, when did Joe Biden move to Kansas?

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1 minute ago, vcczar said:

Ebenezer Booze


What party does he belong to? The Prohibition Party will be very interested in this.

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2 minutes ago, vcczar said:

Pancho Rockefeller

The NWO's secret agent from Mexico.

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7 minutes ago, vcczar said:

He ended up being a LW Populist Democrat from KS with an expertise in Energy.


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On 7/10/2021 at 5:17 AM, vcczar said:

Here's some more interesting generated politician names just for fun: 

  • Willow Whale
  • Eden Celsius
  • Linda Cookiebottoms
  • Stanley Bonaparte
  • Linda Sitting Bull

Stanley Bonaparte? Is this some relative of Napoleon?

And Linda Sitting Bull? What is her story?

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