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What current politicians are currently planned to be in the game?

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I think it's at over 7,000 politicians in the game dating back to 1772. I can't remember the exact criteria, but there should be every president, vice president, and major party nominee. Every SCOTUS justice. Most, if not all, cabinet members. A huge number of senators, representatives, governors, and military officers. There's also a variety of historical figures who didn't serve in major offices who could join the game. Since the game spans such a large period of time, there isn't really any recency bias. There's hundreds of politicians active in the game at any given time.

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Just to add on. Yes every Pres, VP and major candidate that ran (and a bunch of very minor ones). Every Justice, Senator and Gov should be in there. Most of all cabinet officials are in. The one area where it isn't everybody who served is Representatives. That is a goal one day or in AMPU2 to have every Rep seat represented in the game instead one focus Rep for every 5. But even still there is a TON of them in the game already. As DJ mentioned up to nearly 8,000 total pols now.

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