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1824 RP Extravaganza! A Corrupt Bargain or Populist Uprising?

Sean F Kennedy

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The sun is setting on the Moroe Presdency and one thing is for sure… America is kind of tired of Virginian Presidents, the Federalist Party is dead and The Era of Good Feelings has destroyed America’s first two party system. Now multiple sectional candidates with varying name recognition prepare for an all out brawl  to win the hearts and minds of the young emerging nation.

Potential Candidates:

Secretary of State John Quincy Adams  @WVProgressive

Senator Andrew Jackson

Speaker of the House Henry Clay @The Blood

Secretary of Treasury William Crawford 

Secretary of War John Calhoun 

Secretary of Navy Smith Thomson


 This is going to be a much shorter term RP 7 turns and two turns after the election if no candidate wins a majority of the electoral vote, you can create alliances and do a lot of backstabbing and backroom deals.




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