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No Labels Poll  

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  1. 1. In a Biden v. Trump v. No Labels 2024 scenario, assuming No Labels is running a prominent figure associated with them such as Joe Manchin or Larry Hogan, what percentage of the popular vote do you expect No Labels to take?

    • Less than 1%
    • 1-3%
    • 3-5%
    • 5-10%
    • 10%+
    • I expect No Labels to win the 2024 election
  2. 2. Regardless of how you expect them to perform, do you believe there is a viable path to victory for No Labels in 2024?

  3. 3. Do you believe a No Labels 2024 candidacy would create a spoiler effect for either Biden or Trump?

    • Yes, No Labels would create a spoiler effect harming Biden
    • Yes, No Labels would create a spoiler effect harming Trump
    • No, No Labels would not impact the result for either major candidate
  4. 4. No Labels claims they are responding to increased extremism from both major parties by fielding a presidential candidate. Are third-party campaigns a valid solution to polarization?

  5. 5. Based on what you currently know, what is your opinion of No Labels?

    • Strongly approve
    • Approve
    • No opinion/neutral
    • Disapprove
    • Strongly disapprove
  6. 6. In a hypothetical 2024 election, who would you most likely vote for?

    • Joe Biden (D)
    • Donald Trump (R)
    • Larry Hogan (NL)
    • Other third party/independent candidate
    • I would not vote in this scenario

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I've been keeping up with them since last year, and recently No Labels has received media buzz, as they more openly prepare to field a presidential candidate in 2024. They're already on the ballot in multiple states, and what's interesting is the variety of politicians involved with No Labels, even if the vast majority are has-beens like Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman. I also think it's funny Joe Manchin has deferred on answering whether he'll run as the No Labels candidate, because while I completely expect him not to, Manchin 2024 would be the sort of wacky unexpected candidacy which brings me joy.

TLDR, this poll is meant to explore the forum's thoughts on No Labels and their potential 2024 campaign. 

No Labels throws a coming out party, stoking Dem fears of a third-party bid - POLITICO

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Despite Democrats being extremely nervous about No Labels, I think they will take votes from both major candidates. Those center-right voters who would vote for Trump reluctantly, might as well vote for Hogan or whoever.

Hopefully NL runs a strong campaign like Ross Perot did. Highlighting the current state of politics by running a viable third-party campaign is definitely a valid solution to make people aware of the problems of political polarization.

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I want to clarify that a 3rd party—whatever the ideology—is a spoiler, rather than a solution, until it can poll 270 EVs. 

In truth, no 3rd party is really going to have a shot unless it’s running competitively as well in Gov races, Senate races, House races. 

I think the only 3rd party possibility that doesn’t hurt Biden is possibly RFK Jr. Those most excited about him are people that favored Trump over Clinton and Biden it seems. It’s odd because RFK Jr is left of Biden in most areas, just not in those areas most discussed when RFK Jr is brought up. 

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Good poll. There is no scenario in which Larry Hogan is on the ballot that I do not vote for him, even though I know he cannot win. My vote should act as pressure for both the Democrats and Republicans to court me better. Whichever party gets to roughly Larry's ballpark first (small government, individual liberties, strong foreign policy, law and order, equality under the law, and free markets), I will support. Right now both parties seem hopelessly lost in that goal, with the GOP largely prevailing on two issues (Law and Order and Free Markets), Democrats largely prevailing on two others (Equality under the Law and Strong Foreign Policy) and both parties are hopelessly adrift from small government and individual liberties, though with a slight GOP edge. Sadly, neither party is totally great on any issue because they entertain heinous factions opposed to both issues on which they currently lead (Big Government grifters like Kari Lake plus those who believe Trump is above the law and Pro-Russia/China tankies like Ilhan Omar and others who often also harbor vile anti-semitic sentiments and engage in noxious cancel culture).

Until either party can offer a solution that isn't the rank authoritarianism and ego cult of Donald Trump or the inept, socialism-enabling "leadership" of Joe Biden, I am livin' like Larry.

Living Like Larry GIFs | Tenor

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Joe Biden would still win reelection despite No Labels primarily taking votes from him assuming their margin was 3% or less. Maybe even up to 5%. At worst I still don't see the majority Rep. house giving enough votes to Trump in a contingent election worst-case scenario.

As a whole I do think they would be the preferable ticket whether Manchin or Hogan leads it. I may or may not vote for them.

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7 minutes ago, DakotaHale said:

As a whole I do think they would be the preferable ticket whether Manchin or Hogan leads it. I may or may not vote for them.

Yeah imagine a three-way debate with Biden, Trump and Manchin or Hogan. When the president talks about Putin's war in Iraq and concludes his remarks with ''God save the Queen'' and the former president still rants about the election four years ago, it should become clear that Manchin/Hogan stands out as the really sane candidate (even if you disagree with them on some or all of the issues).

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