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A More Perfect Hashtag


A More Perfect Hashtag  

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  1. 1. Which of the following hashtags do you find acceptable (check all that apply)?

    • #AMPU
    • #AU
    • #AMP
    • #AmericanGame
    • #AMPUGame
    • #AmericanUnionGame
    • #UnionGame
    • #PerfectGame
    • #PerfectUnion
    • #MorePerfectGame
    • Other (comment your ideas below)

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I think #AMPU is the best choice, all the others are too generic, or already in use by other (larger) communities.

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Clearly my favorite is #AMPU but anything that mentions 'game' is acceptable imho

I mean what is #PerfectUnion?? If you don't know it's supposed to be a game, you won't click on it, if you are searching for games

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#AMPU and #AMPUGame are the only acceptable ones. They're distinct, short, and the acronym is clear-cut.

Everything else is either vague, generic, and/or open to misinterpretation, resulting in not hitting intended markets.

UnionGame is misleads into thinking it's a Civil War game from the Union's perspective.

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