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A More Perfect Hashtag

A More Perfect Hashtag  

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  1. 1. Which of the following hashtags do you find acceptable (check all that apply)?

    • #AMPU
    • #AU
    • #AMP
    • #AmericanGame
    • #AMPUGame
    • #AmericanUnionGame
    • #UnionGame
    • #PerfectGame
    • #PerfectUnion
    • #MorePerfectGame
    • Other (comment your ideas below)

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Anthony's been considering hashtags for the game. The one he wants to use is #UnionGame. I'm not really into it, but maybe you all are. 

You have a chance to influence this decision with this poll

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AMPU is a unique combination that will, undoubtedly, be only used by us.  Many of these, UnionGame, AMP, AU, what have you, are likely gonna be fought over between us and other people.  That's not effort we can expend.  We will lose.

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I think #AMPU is the best choice, all the others are too generic, or already in use by other (larger) communities.

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