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My support of Dems and Reps overtime


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Below is a chart I made awhile back. I updated it for 2020 and 2024 just now. Sadly, I can't get the years to appear, but it starts in 1828-2024. It's basically how supportive I'd be of a party today if I were transported back in time. 

Democrats start off at 50 (ignore the zeroes before that) because of their desire for expanded suffrage. Their anti-bank, native American policy, and growing support of slavery sees them tank for me. The GOP, as the abolitionist party, becomes the first major party that I'm highly enthusiastic about. However, Gilded Age corruption sees my support for them begin to collapse, and especially so when they become both imperialists. WJ Bryan, despite some of my disagreements with him, renews my interest in the Democrats briefly before Wilson's segregation policies sees me support CE Hughes, the last incarnation of the GOP that I support. 1924 is my nadir of support for major parties as both become conservative briefly. FDR's first two terms are my high point of support, while the GOP do become the admirable opposition in the Wilkie and Dewey years. The GOP becomes unsupportable beginning with McCarthyism. From then on, they collect more and more baggage as a part--Goldwater, Watergate, Neocons, Reaganomics, Iran-Contra, Gingrich, Teaparty, Bush/Cheney Wars, Palin, and Trump, the latter bringing support of that part to 1 out of 100. Meanwhile, Democrats from Carter on, with the exception of 2008 Obama, show half-hearted support. 

For me, the best of the GOP was 1856-1868. The best of the Democrats was 1932-1972 (with one dip because of Vietnam). The worst of the GOP is 2016-present. The worst of the Democrats is 1848-1868. However, if you talk about state parties, the worst ever are Southern Democrats (with rare exceptions, such as Ralph Yarborough) 1828-1964, primarily because of their stance on both race and, in many cases, poor whites.


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Interesting that you drop the GOP from 1968 to 1972.

I would personnaly keep republicans in competitive option untill 1980. Basically untill Ford vs Carter as the last election between two potentials options I could vote for as a lifetime democrat in nowadays terms.

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