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Favorable or Unfavorable #7: Carl Albert


Favorable or Unfavorable #7: Carl Albert  

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Speaker Carl Albert (D-OK) was, I think, the shortest Speaker. He was 5'4"--same as James Madison. One thing that I find hard to grasp is that by 1973, he's really butting heads with the newer crop of Democrats who are defined as more liberal, but Albert was a major mover on LBJ's Great Society. My assumption is that these differences had more to do with prosecuting Nixon's administration and on military-industrial differences, perhaps. Anyway, here are his actions:


Albert, Carl 1956 Southerner who did not sign Southern Manifesto
Albert, Carl 1964 Helped to change of House rules to push through LBJ's Great Society
Albert, Carl 1964 Southerner who signed Civil Rights Act and later Voting Rights Act
Albert, Carl 1965 Major role in getting Medicare and Medicaid passed
Albert, Carl 1968 chairs contentious Dem presidential convention
Albert, Carl 1971 Elected Speaker of the US House
Albert, Carl 1973 Serves as Speaker during Watergate chaos
Albert, Carl 1973 For seven weeks, next in line for president w/ VP vacant
Albert, Carl 1973 Squashes the impeachment resolution against VP Agnew
Albert, Carl 1973 Speaker seen out of line with new liberal members
Albert, Carl 1974 Again next in line for president w/ VP vacant


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