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Favorable or Unfavorable #15: Cecil Andrus


Favorable or Unfavorable #15: Cecil Andrus  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #15: Cecil Andrus

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Cecil Andrus of ID is probably the last Idaho Democrat of any note. Despite being popular in his state, he left no disciples worth voting for apparently. Not included as an action, is Andrus joining Obama for a rally in Idaho in 2008. Obama did well in ID, despite losing the state. Had he won the state or barely lost, I would have applied an action to Andrus. 

His actions:

Andrus, Cecil 1977 Confirmed Sec of Interior for Carter, having been seen as a rising star nationally as Gov of ID
Andrus, Cecil 1978 As Sec of Interior leads passage of Redwood National Park Expansion Act
Andrus, Cecil 1979 Carter declines Andrus's offer to resign during cabinet mass resignations
Andrus, Cecil 1980 Major role in Alaska Lands Act as Sec of Interior
Andrus, Cecil 1995 Finishes his 14th year as Gov of ID (1971-1977; 1987-1995)
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