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Favorable or Unfavorable #17: Chester A. Arthur


Favorable or Unfavorable #17: Chester A. Arthur  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #17: Chester A. Arthur

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Pres. Arthur (NY-R) went from complete unknown (outside of NY) to POTUS in 2 years. Arthur was known to only work like half a day, but part of that might be the disease that killed him not long after he left the presidency.

His actions:

Arthur, Chester A 1879 Becomes Chairman of NY GOP Party as a crony for Conkling
Arthur, Chester A 1880 Works with Conkling in attempt to get NY to back Grant for 3rd non-consec term as pres
Arthur, Chester A 1880 VP on Garfield's winning ticket to mollify Conkling and allies, despite Conkling urging Arthur to decline the job
Arthur, Chester A 1881 Fails to get Garfield to add more NY stalwarts into admin
Arthur, Chester A 1881 Becomes estranged from Garfield after making ill-advised speech on the close 1880 election result
Arthur, Chester A 1881 Becomes President on Garfield's death; begins distancing self from Conkling
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Does not appt Conkling as Sec of State as Conkling expected, but does appt many stalwarts
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Vetoes Rivers and Harbors bill, but it is overridden.
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Appts Horace Gray to the SC
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Appts his old boss Conkling to the SC who is confirmed, but Conkling declines
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Appts Samuel Blatchford to the SC, after both Conkling and Edmunds declined
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Signs Edmunds Act, making polygamy a crime
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Reluctantly Signs Chinese Exclusion Act
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Signs Immigration Act of 1882
Arthur, Chester A 1882 Begins GOP policy (Lily White movement) of abandoning black GOPers, giving fed jobs to white southern indep
Arthur, Chester A 1883 Reluctantly signs Tariff of 1883 (Mongrel Tariff)
Arthur, Chester A 1883 Signs bill funding steel navy
Arthur, Chester A 1883 Signs Pendleton Act to reform civil service, upsetting his stalwart allies
Arthur, Chester A 1883 Publicly disagrees with SC striking down Civil Rights Act of 1875, but proposes nothing
Arthur, Chester A 1884 Fails in bid to be renominated by his own party for a 2nd term.
Arthur, Chester A 1885 Several trade treaties with Latin American nations are defeated
Arthur, Chester A 1885 Signs Foran Act
Arthur, Chester A 1885 Used executive order to allow US settlers to take land in Dakota Reservation
Arthur, Chester A 1885 Declines pressure from NY allies to run for the US Senate after term expires
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