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Favorable or Unfavorable #18: James M. Ashley


Favorable or Unfavorable #18: James M. Ashley  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #18: James M. Ashley

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Rep. James M. Ashley (OH-R) was one of the most radical of the Radical Republicans. Grant would send him out to Montana about 1869, and he sort of disappeared from the national scene. 

Here are his actions:

Ashley, James M. 1862 Authored Arizona Organic Act
Ashley, James M. 1862 Writes bill to abolish slavery in DC
Ashley, James M. 1863 Introduced a bill to abolish slavery nationwide; later converted to an amendment
Ashley, James M. 1864 agrees with Lincoln regarding lenient Reconstruction plan
Ashley, James M. 1864 A leading role in crafting 13th Amdt to abolish slavery
Ashley, James M. 1866 Introduces 1st resolution to impeach Johnson this year, believing Johnson had played a role in killing Lincoln
Ashley, James M. 1867 Introduces amendment to dismantle southern govts
Ashley, James M. 1867 Authors 1st Johnson impeachment inquiry
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