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Favorable or Unfavorable #21: Joseph W Bailey


Favorable or Unfavorable #21: Joseph W Bailey  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #21: Joseph W Bailey

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Sen. Joseph W Bailey (TX-D) was a Southern progressive/populist. Basically, pro-silver, and pro-liberal policies for white people. This was also during a time when it wasn't considered a contradiction to be both progressive and pro-states rights. Bailey is both conservative/traditionalist and progressive, which was the case with many Southern Democrats in the Progressive Era. 

A note on 1898. He opposed the Spanish-American War as many Bryanists did. He was hoping the Ineligibility Clause would throw out all the "jingoists."

His actions:

Bailey, Joseph W. 1897 Comes in second in Speaker election, advocating free silver
Bailey, Joseph W. 1898 Argues that Congress people serving in war violate Ineligibility Clause, upsetting those of both parties
Bailey, Joseph W. 1901 Seen as heir apparent to Bryanism, following Bryan's defeat
Bailey, Joseph W. 1901 Reputation hurt by grabbing Sen. Beveridge by the throat in violent altercation
Bailey, Joseph W. 1906 insists on broad review in railroad regulation
Bailey, Joseph W. 1909 helps add income tax to tariff bill
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While I tend to like Bryan more than dislike him, I can't like Bailey for reasons not listed in these actions. Anyone openly favoring segregation and blacks as a 2nd class will be marked unfavorable by me. This pretty much ices out almost all Southern Democrats for me. 

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