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Favorable or Unfavorable #22: Howard Baker


Favorable or Unfavorable #22: Howard Baker  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #22: Howard Baker

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Sen. Howard Baker (TN-R) was a major Nixon and Reagan era Republican, known for his bipartisanship. I think he was a likely model for John McCain's politics. He was crucial for pre-Gingrich Republicans in the legislative branch, where their party was routinely in the minority. 

Here are his actions:

Baker Jr, Howard 1967 1st GOP Sen for TN since Reconstruction
Baker Jr, Howard 1967 Voted to confirm Thurgood Marshall, unlike many Southern senators
Baker Jr, Howard 1968 Voted for Civil Rights Act of 1968, unlike many Southern senators
Baker Jr, Howard 1970 Worked w/ Democrat Edmund Muskie to pass the Clean Air Act
Baker Jr, Howard 1971 offered SC nomination by Nixon, but offer was taken back when Baker took too long to decide on it
Baker Jr, Howard 1973 deal to receive Nixon tapes doesn't work
Baker Jr, Howard 1973 active on Ervin's Watergate committee
Baker Jr, Howard 1976 Considered initial frontrunner for VP on Ford ticket until it was learned Baker's wife was an alcoholic
Baker Jr, Howard 1977 attacks Carter's neutron bomb policy
Baker Jr, Howard 1977 Sen Min Ldr
Baker Jr, Howard 1978 Upsets GOP by supporting the Torrijos-Carter Panama Canal treaties
Baker Jr, Howard 1979 opposes SALT treaty
Baker Jr, Howard 1980 candidate for GOP pres nom
Baker Jr, Howard 1981 Sen Maj Ldr
Baker Jr, Howard 1981 aids Reagan budget with misgivings
Baker Jr, Howard 1982 gets Speaker O'Neill support for gas tax hike
Baker Jr, Howard 1987 Becomes Chief of Staff for Reagan
Baker Jr, Howard 2001 Appt Amb to Japan by Bush
Baker Jr, Howard 2007 Helped found Bipartisan Policy Center
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