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Favorable or Unfavorable #24: Newton D. Baker


Favorable or Unfavorable #24: Newton D. Baker  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #24: Newton D. Baker

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Newton D Baker of OH. My great-grandfather served as his chief legal advisor during WWI, despite my great-grandfather having been the secretary of the Ohio Progressive Republicans. He also wanted Baker to be president in 1932. I'm not sure what Baker's opinion of FDR was, but I learned of a letter in which my great-grandfather referred to FDR as a "communist pink." 

Here are his actions:

Baker, Newton D 1912 Popular mayor of Cleveland considered for VP spot on Wilson ticket
Baker, Newton D 1913 Declines Sec of Interior offer (would decline the offer once more)
Baker, Newton D 1916 Vets Clarke for SC nom to test if he's progressive enough
Baker, Newton D 1916 Confirmed Sec of War, serving through WWI
Baker, Newton D 1917 Selects General Pershing to lead US forced in Europe
Baker, Newton D 1918 Encouraged by Wilson to follow him as president, but Baker sits out the 1920 election
Baker, Newton D 1924 Principle advocate of pro-League of Nations platform plank, but convention votes it down
Baker, Newton D 1932 Dem pres shadow candidate set to be compromise choice if FDR can't win convention
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