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Favorable or Unfavorable #30: James Barbour


Favorable or Unfavorable #30: James Barbour  

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  2. 2. Favorable or Unfavorable #30: James Barbour

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James Barbour of VA was the most likely candidate to carry the Virginia Dynasty if a Virginian had run in 1824. Barbour would eventually become a Whig, since he grew to accept national banks, internal improvements, and etc. His brother, Philip P Barbour, who I'll post next, was strict conservative Democrat. 

His actions:

Barbour, James 1812 War governor of VA during War of 1812
Barbour, James 1815? Introduces Bank bill favored by Madison to the US Senate, despite personal opposition to national banks
Barbour, James 1816 First Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair
Barbour, James 1817 Breaks with many Southerners by supporting the Bonus Bill
Barbour, James 1817? Proposes Const Amendment to allow Congress to fund internal improvements
Barbour, James 1820 Major role in Missouri Compromise
Barbour, James 1821 proposes way to count MO votes for pres
Barbour, James 1822 3rd time serving as Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair, this time during the Monroe Doctrine announcement.
Barbour, James 1825 appointed Sec of War by Adams
Barbour, James 1828 Resigns Sec of War to become UK Amb
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